Alpha Sun & Sport Has a Commitment to Excellence


Pompano Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Alpha Sun & Sport has a commitment to excellence, where we provide the best products and services on behalf of a noble mission: to make the world a better place. In so doing, we empower people to develop their full "Inner-Alpha" potential -- which is the first step towards realizing the highest possible goals. Dream It... Live It... Preserve It!!! These three principles, which are our unifying themes, seek to enable people to connect with one another, share experiences and alleviate the fear of the unknown. This sense of independence and self-confidence is the ideal way to bring people together around the globe.

Anthropology says that Alpha people are the ones that like to wear the crowns, have the colorful plumage and like to stand out. We on the other hand prefer to say it this way:

“A person having an Alpha Spirit or Personality is one who exhibits self-assurance, physical and emotional strength, self-control, independence of thought, grit and a laser like focus on achieving ones goals. A person that is Living Alpha does not fear to try new things and to risk themselves. Living Alpha, however; also means having a caring and long term view of the world.

An Alpha is one who encourages and helps others. A true Alpha person is quiet, invisible and always there for friends and family. They do not always shine the light on themselves and often prefer to recognize the achievement of others. Alphas are skilled in building personal connections and they are great team players.”

This is what we believe is Living Alpha, and is our official Alpha Definition.  We also like to say that “At the right time and under the right sun, there is a little alpha in each of us”.

About Alpha Sun and Sport
At Alpha Sun and Sport, we believe that "Dreams you Set are Dreams you Get”.  So, go ahead and dream more about other people, activities, and destinations - and perhaps even what you yourself want to accomplish?

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