Alshaykh Brussels: European Marshall Plan for South of Mediterranean Could Save Europe and the Euro


Brussels, Belgium -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Scenario planners at, a leading Brussels-based Geo-Political Think Tank, just released a new policy statement to the effect that a full fledged Euro-Denominated Marshall Plan for South of the Mediterranean could save the Euro, the European Union and its economy, as well as South of Med Nations.

According to alshaykh analysts the original Marshall Plan, which set into motion the Bretton Woods financial system after the 2nd World War (WWII) left Europe in ruins, has helped strengthen the US economy and launch the US dollar as the de facto post WWII global currency.

A similar plan targeting South of the Mediterranean that is denominated in the Euro currency could reverse current European austerity measures and usher a new Era of financial prosperity, peace and stability in the region.

Already Europe has in place "The Barcelona Process" which was launched in November 1995 by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the then, 15 EU members and 14 Mediterranean partners.

The inauguration of the Barcelona Process, the strong economic linkages to the MENA region, and the creation of Special Envoys to the Middle East were instruments that should have contributed to the political and economic stability of the region.

However, recent turmoil in the Middle East coupled with the lack of presence of a dedicated Brussels-Based inter-cultural communication center,that could have assisted in the planning and implementation of the Barcelona initiatives, have stalled the process.

According to alshaykh policy statement reactivating and accelerating the Barcelona Process and coordinating analysis, foresight, planning and implementation with leading Brussels-based intercultural communication and scenario planning think tanks could help the Euro and European economies by providing a $1 trillion per year in petrodollar liquidity and investments from Arab Gulf States.

European managed infra-structure, industry modernization and renewable energy projects in South of Med would source their intellectual property, capital equipment and management expertise from leading European multinationals and research institutions ushering a new boom cycle of capital accumulation.

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