Alta White Review - Teeth Whitening Formula for a Glamorous Celebrity Smile


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- Alta White is an amazing teeth whitener for stained or discolored teeth. Manufactured with quality controlled, first grade ingredients, the formula is destined to add a flash of brightness to every smile. Ever noticed or craved for the pearly white smile that celebrities wear to the red carpet shows? It becomes possible with Alta White's easy to apply teeth whitening solution.

Alta White is designed for people who have stained teeth, whose enamel is discolored due to lack of hygeine or a diet lacking in proper nutrients which give teeth their strength and brightness. Discolored teeth can also be caused by the nicotine intake due to smoking cigarettes, or indulging in drugs. People who do not have a healthy diet or take pharmaceutical drugs can sometimes also fall victim to poor teeth condition which leaves them with lack luster crowns. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on teeth bleaching which is both a costly and painful procedure. Other methods are dental trays filled with bleaching gel, which can prove to be uncomfortable to wear and if a person wears them at night while going to bed, the risk of consuming the gel orally can also cause internal damage. It is advisable to avoid such methods of teeth whitening that may harm the internal body functions. Some people also use home remedies such as rubbing teeth with lemon wedges and baking soda or even table salt but these methods only give temporary results and appear very slowly.

About Alta White
Alta White is an easy to use teeth whitening solution which is free from all such complications or hazards. Results are visible in a few weeks time of application. The method of applying is simple and in 3 easy steps. First, the swab is snapped with the color ring. The wet swab is dipped into the teeth whitening solution and applied to all the visible parts of the tooth enamel. The solution should not be ingested. Care should be taken not to drip it on the tongue or touch the sides of the mouth. The solution is based of nutrients plus calcium and fluoride which strengthen and brighten the teeth.

A healthy diet which reduces nicotine intake and caffeine may also help to give faster results. Alta White is for adult use only. Children should not use the solution without consulting a dentist first.

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