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Alterna'meat - a Brand New Meat-Free Alternative Hits the Market


Birmingham, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 -- According to the latest research, 1 out of 8 British adults has turned their attention to adopting a meat-free lifestyle. The change in attitudes comes about in the wake of health benefits associated with a vegetarian lifestyle and increased knowledge about the dangers of a meat-based diet.

Nudging perceptions about plant-based protein, Halo Veg Company – producer of Alterna'meat®, has introduced its line-up of meat-alternative products for both retail and wholesale outlets via its website www.haloveg.com

What's different about Alterna'meat® is that it has products that preserve the taste and texture of popular meat products, without the associated health risks that traditionally tag along with meat products. The lineup features top choices such as the Alterna'meat® Style Hot Dogs, Alterna'meat® Spicy Buffalo Style Wings, Alterna'meat® Deluxe Style Sausage, Alterna'meat® Golden Fish Style Fillets, Alterna'meat® Beef Style Steak, Alterna'meat® Royale Chicken Style Burger and Alterna'meat® Chicken Style Drumsticks. Entirely 100% egg, fish and meat free, the company is working on changing its entire range to make them vegan friendly too! Announced the company from its headquarters in Birmingham, UK.

"We've worked passionately to craft our bold range of Alterna'meat® foods, capturing the genuine smell, texture and taste of people's favourite meat-dishes – and today our journey has turned into an ethical meat-alternative experience, for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike" commented Manjeet Singh (co-founder of Halo Veg Co.).

This new meat-alternative range of tasteful delights will help consumers invest in their health, without compromising on the quality or taste of their favorite meat dishes and for vegetarians to discover a whole new ethically meaty palate of choices.

About Halo Veg Co.
The co-founders of Halo Veg Co. (vegetarians themselves), crafted the Alterna'meat® range to appeal to the increasing number of meat-lovers who are looking to reduce their meat intake. This new line of products is available for purchase both in the Signature and Gourmet range, on the company's website www.haloveg.com and in one of the growing number of outlets spread across the UK. To learn more get in touch today!

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