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Alternative Divorce Solutions Launch Campaign Increasing Divorce Mediation Awareness

Alternative Divorce Solutions Offers Peaceful, Inexpensive Alternative To Litigation


Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2013 -- Statistics reveal approximately 1 divorce takes place every 13 seconds in the United States, for a weekly average of about 4,700. Commonly, these divorces occur following months, or even years, of trying to resolve marital issues without resorting to the dissolution of the marriage. If the couple in question is unable to resolve their conflicts, several more months may be spent dissecting reasons for the divorce, dividing marital assets, deciding on custody and support agreements and other matters of contention. Often, this process ends in a lengthy and impassioned litigation. In an effort to help families avoid unnecessary heartache, Alternative Divorce Solutions has launched a campaign to increase public awareness regarding Divorce Mediation, a more peaceful alternative to the traditional divorce process.

Lani Baron, divorce mediator and owner of Alternative Divorce Solutions, affirmed, "Every day, couples are spending far too much time and money on conventional methods of divorce; however, we offer a more peaceful, respectful, cost effective and efficient approach. Most couples contemplating divorce fail to realize all their issues can be resolved without ever entering a courtroom. Division of property, debt and assets, child custody disputes and granting of child and spousal support can all be worked out with the assistance of a Divorce Mediation Attorney. Our process allows both parties involved to actively negotiate and come to mutual agreements on such matters through open and honest communication. The result of mediation, as opposed to court battles ending in decisions ultimately made by a judge, is mutual cooperation and respect lasting well beyond the disintegration of the marriage."

Baron continued, "Traditional divorces are expensive and time consuming, often lasting more than 6 months from beginning to end, and costing couples thousands of dollars. Pain, anger, frustration and resentment generally build during this time, leading to an emotional explosion possibly witnessed by the children involved. Children of mediated divorces tend to be more well adjusted than those whose see their parents go through a hostile divorce. Our process is significantly less expensive than a traditional divorce and can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time. The result of our mediation is a beneficial settlement for both parties. Unlike a litigated divorce, mediated divorce records are not made public, so the privacy of our clients is completely protected. We want those who are facing a divorce to know there is a faster, less expensive and less antagonistic approach to the commonly accepted process."

About Alternative Divorce Solutions
Under the proven leadership of Lani Baron, an attorney mediator, Alternative Divorce Solutions is a firm that helps families avoid high-conflict divorce through Divorce Mediation Newport Beach. They offer a non traditional approach to family law and strive to provide the highest level of customer service to their clients. With compassion and care, Alternative Divorce Solutions offers a cost effective and respectful alternative to common divorce proceedings.