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Alternative Style So Scene Store Introduces Range of Opal Imitation Ear Plugs


Palm Bay, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2015 -- is taking advantage of the soaring stone ear gauge trend by launching its range of opal-like plugs. The material, showing a stunning resemblance to real opal, is, in fact, man made.

The American alternative scene shop provides a more affordable version of opal – the man-made glass known as opalite. These Opalite plugs are translucent with a clear to milky aspect. Besides, they have the colors usually seen in real opal. These versions have the qualities of natural stone but cost only a fraction of the price. For further information, the shop offers an in-depth analysis of opalite, its properties and its effects on the wearer.

The same store is advertizing its septum clicker rings as a decorative and convenient pierce rings range – with the opal version in white, blue and pink colors, weighing only 0.3 ounces per piece. Being very easy to put on and take off, these address the needs of a large category of customers.

Opalite plugs are relatively new to the market but as soon as these were launched, they have enjoyed a remarkable popularity. Although opalite is man-made and the main material is glass, this is placed in the category of stone plugs, given the way it mimics real opal. Endowed with an iridescent sheen, this manages to stand next to the collection of organic, natural stones. Buyers can opt for clearer or cloudier models, depending on their personal preference.

So Scene stocks on acrylic, organic, stainless steel, silicone and glass ear gauges. Besides, the shop also features a stainless steel hinged septum ring range suitable for any piercing. Clients may choose between the 14 G or 16 G size models (8mm, respectively 10mm diameter) in seven different colors. When clicked in closed position, it becomes a seamless ring or hoop.

So Scene ships internationally and has also set up a rewards program for new customers and referrals. The store is a favorite of many through its original products and important discounts. It caters to the ear gauging process by providing all plug sizes for a smooth progressive earlobe expansion.

About So Scene
Florida-based So Scene is a US operated store selling ear plugs or gauges, ear stretching kits and balm, plus simple or decorative piercing rings, all made of various materials.

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Jim Begley
So Scene
Palm Bay, Florida, USA