Alternative to Modeling Gives Young Women an Opportunity to Expand Into Long Term Options

The modeling world is extremely competitive and difficult to enter, even for many women with high levels of commercial appeal. Tim Williams “Spoiled Brat Media” ( has been working with young women since 2008 showing them how to capitalize on what they have to offer through internet marketing routes that most young models are not even aware exist.


Webster, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- Spoiled Brat Media offers young attractive women an alternative to the typical modeling route that so many ladies dream about and aspire to. The service can be and is often used in conjunction with the models other exposure efforts as a way to both continue to gain marketability, as well as secure a side income that can evolve into a part time to full time career over a relatively short period of time.

Located in upstate New York, founder Tim Williams has been recruiting women for nearly five years on a very limited basis with the intention of using his internet marketing skills to both help establish and build the young lady’s presence online, as well as to use that presence as a form of joint venture, whereby both he and the model can benefit from the model’s online marketability to advertise indirectly (and sometimes directly) to the model’s audience. It is well established in marketing that youthful sex appeal grabs viewer’s attention and sells. Spoiled Brat Media capitalizes on this combination in a unique way, acting on the model’s behalf as their agent, to help build their branding and scalable fan bases.

Much of this is accomplished through video work, since this has become a primary promotional tool since the beginnings of the internet. Using video and other mediums, the model and agency produce videos and other media, from which she can both directly and indirectly advertise products and services, as well as obtain sponsorship offers and paid media placements from which the model can derive revenue.

The concept is unique as well as lucrative, with the focus being on building the model’s own brand for the sake of long-term returns that both the agency and the model share in. The revenue streams are diverse, enabling the model and agency to fine-tune over time what offers the most return, and how best to tailor the branding efforts towards providing the most income. A great alternative to modeling that offers far more than the standard per-shoot, per-job income.

A foundation of the work revolves around building a YouTube presence, where the YouTube partnering and ad network provide one income stream. Spoiled Brat Media works to both draw attention to the young model via search engine optimization techniques so that the exposure happens as rapidly as the search engines will allow, as well as to build the model’s business enterprise into diverse areas. Most of the more popular YouTube channels do well with their adsense income stream, but understand little about how to draw an audience to their presence or further monetize their brand, leaving huge opportunities on that table. Opportunities that can literally secure the model’s future, regardless of how successful her modeling career outside of Spoiled Brat Media ever becomes.

As a cost-free service by invitation only, Spoiled Brat Media presents a very special opportunity in the economic environments of late. There are very few enterprises like this one that exist, offering a new spin on the joint venture relationships that modeling agencies have with their models. With just a little effort and dedication, upfront and even residual income streams can be built by a model who is open to the various avenues available to her with the proper guidance and marketing expertise.

The website is a modeling agency that provides female models with an alternative way to brand their look and presence online. They specialize in video production and multimedia advertising and sponsorship opportunities for young women interested in establishing their own businesses through indirect/direct product and service promotion.

Tim Williams
Webster, NY 14580