Altitude Shoes Helps Short Men Achieve up to 4 Inches of Increased Height- Customers Say Shoes are Comfortable, Fashionable, and 100% Discreet


West Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2011 -- Altitude shoes, a shoe making company that specializes in creating height-increasing footwear, has been getting a lot of attention lately from customers that are calling their shoes: “High quality, discreet, and extremely comfortable.”

According to numerous scientific studies, taller men are given far more advantages in life than their shorter counterparts. Tests have confirmed that tall men are not only far more attractive to women, but they typically have better careers, make more money, and are perceived to be more intelligent and powerful than shorter men of equal abilities.

The reason for this phenomenon lies in genes. Tall men are perceived to have “better” genes and are therefore naturally sought out for their “superior” intelligence and prowess. Though genetic based assumptions don’t hold any water in today’s world, the ramifications of it are still present; and short men are still struggling as a result of their limited stature.

Altitude shoes was created by James Silverstone as a result of his own struggles with height. Having achieved many things in his life he still felt something was missing, and that missing link was his height. After experimenting with other brands of elevator shoes he quickly discovered that they were not only uncomfortable and of poor quality, but they were indiscreet as well.

Having experienced these disappointments James took it upon himself to create height shoes that were comfortable, fashionable, high quality, and of course, absolutely discreet.

He ended up with Altitude shoes; a shoe company that offers high quality products that help short men grow as much as 4 inches without anyone ever figuring out how.

“Today, Altitude Shoes is one of the best and most reliable manufacturers of high quality height-increasing footwear for men and is continually growing on a daily basis with an ever- increasing client base,” says the website. “This comes to no surprise to us as we strive to provide exceptional service and support to our customers, and we believe it is this attitude that places us at the forefront of the height- increasing footwear industry.”

In addition to the wide variety of quality elevator shoes, the website also offers readers a resource center that exposes fiercely guarded secrets for extenuating height- sometimes as much as several inches. They are even offering a free eBook called “The Ultimate guide to Getting Taller” which usually retails for $29.95.

To learn more about Altitude Shoes, or to see how their selection of height shoes can help users grow up to four inches, please visit: