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Aluminum Casting Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2018–2024


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2018 -- Aluminum Casting Market Overview:

Casting means pouring of liquid metal or molten metal into molds. Aluminum casting involves pouring of aluminum alloys as liquid metal. Aluminum is heated in order to convert it into liquid form and then poured into molds. It is very essential for the mold to be in precise shape and well finished as it has a direct impact on finished aluminum casting. It offers high conductivity and protection against corrosion. It provides high tensile strength and high stability to all shapes. Through the heat treatment, it can be customized effortlessly. The automobile sector is utilizing aluminum casting method on large scale due to its efficient characteristics.

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Aluminum Casting Market Growth Factors:

Owing to increasing population demand for automobiles has tremendously increased which is majorly propelling the growth of the aluminum casting market. Also increasing demand for consumer appliances, high investments in mining, construction, and electronics, expansion in industries and emerging economies are driving the growth of the market. Aluminum is replaced by magnesium as a liquid metal which is restraining the growth of the aluminum casting market. In the automotive sector preference of aluminum over iron and steel is the major opportunity for the market. Also, heavy investments in the infrastructure and automobiles are opening opportunities for the aluminum casting market. Controlling the impact of aluminum cast production on the environment is the challenge faced by the aluminum casting market.

Aluminum Casting Market Segmentation:

Aluminum casting market is segregated on the basis of source, process, and end-use. On the basis source, it is classified into primary and secondary. The secondary source consists of recycled aluminum which dominates the market. The process segment of the aluminum casting market includes Permanent mold casting, Die casting and sand casting. Die casting process is considered to be the effective process. Permanent mold casting segment is expected to grow in the forecast period. Based on end use the market is segregated into Industrial, Transportation, Building and construction and others. Aluminum casting is widely used by the transportation sector.

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Aluminum Casting Market Regional Analysis:

Asia-Pacific (APAC) region dominates the aluminum casting market. As a result of population growth in this region demand for the automobiles has increased which in turn has to lead to the increase of aluminum casting market in the developing countries like China and India. North America, as well as Europe, are considered to be the key regions in the aluminum casting market. In Western Europe, France and Germany account for high share value in aluminum casting market. Austria and Italy are also the major contributors in the market.

Aluminum Casting Market Competitive players:

Some of the vital players in the aluminum casting market are Alcast, Alcoa, Consolidated Metco, Dynacast, Ryobi, Martinrea, Gibbs Die Casting, Aluminum Corporation of China Limited, Rio Tinto, Rockman Industries Limited; among others.

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Aluminum Casting Market Regional Segment Analysis:

North America
The U.S.
The UK
The Asia Pacific
Latin America
The Middle East and Africa