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Aluminum Fluoride Market to Incur Rapid Extension During 2017 - 2027

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2018 -- Introduction

Aluminium fluoride is an inorganic compound primarily used for the formulation of aluminium on a commercial level. In terms of physical appearance, the compound is available commercially in solid form. It is colorless and odorless. Aluminium fluoride is denser than water and exhibits high level of solubility with water. Aluminium fluoride can be synthesized and prepared synthetically and is also available in nature in the form of minerals named oskarssonite and rosenbergite. Commercially, aluminium fluoride is synthesized by treating hydrogen fluoride gas with alumina at 700 degree Celsius. Alternatively, numerous other methods are also used for the preparation of Aluminium fluoride, such as decomposition of ammonium hexafluoro aluminate and fluorosilicic acid, which are the primary constituents used for the synthesis of LBD (low bulk density) aluminium fluoride. Commercially, aluminium fluoride is available in different grades for different applications. Aluminium fluoride is manufactured in different forms, namely dry, wet and anhydrous aluminium fluoride. The compound is used in numerous applications, such as glass manufacturing, aluminium metal preparation, ceramic manufacturing and also for the formulation of different chemicals. On a very large scale, aluminium fluoride and cryolite are used for the preparation of alumina during the smelting process. The addition of these two components lowers the melting point and increases the electrolyte's conductivity of the solution and thus, the power consumption required for the formulation of alumina is lowered, thereby decreasing the overall production cost. Likewise, aluminium fluoride combined with zirconium fluoride forms a primary ingredient for the synthesis of fluorolaminate glasses.

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Aluminum Fluoride Market: Drivers and Restraints

Aluminium metal is an integral part of numerous industries, such as aerospace, automotive and construction, to name a few. Globally, huge expansion is being witnessed globally in the aforementioned industries, which will fuel the demand for aluminium for the same. Also, huge research is going on to optimize the production process aluminium with the use of aluminium fluoride in a cost effective manner. Major manufacturers present in the value chain are going to expand their manufacturing facilities which will ensure the adequate supply. However, there are some factors which may hamper the adoption of aluminium fluoride in near future. For instance, there is some possibility of an overflow of aluminum fluoride in the market place due to ample capacity expansion by manufacturers. This might create a demand-supply gap and result in price drop of the final products derived from aluminium fluoride. Furthermore, prolonged exposure during the industrial synthesis of aluminium fluoride can cause severe ill effects on human respiratory system.

Aluminum Fluoride Market: Segmentation

On the basis of Grade, the Aluminum Fluoride Market can be segmented as:

Industrial Grade
Electron Grade
Reagent Grade
Agriculture Grade

On the basis of product type, the Aluminum Fluoride Market can be segmented as:

Dry Aluminium Fluoride
Anhydrous Aluminium Fluoride
Wet Aluminium Fluoride

On the basis of Application, the Aluminum Fluoride Market can be segmented as:

Aluminium Production
Glass Manufacturing

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Aluminum Fluoride Market: Region Wise Outlook

Globally, Asia Pacific is leading in terms of production and consumption of aluminium fluoride and captures a major market share. Growing GDP and rising disposable income in China and India has enabled the expansion of numerous industries, such as aerospace, automobiles, pharmaceutical, packaging and construction. High growth in aforementioned industries will drive the demand for aluminium fluoride based products in the region. Aluminium fluoride demand in developing regions, such as NA and Europe, is expected to grow at a sluggish rate. In South Africa, the presence of huge reserves of underutilized fluorspar coupled with investment support for these reserves by the government will drive the market in MEA region. LA will also provide massive growth opportunities for the manufacturers.