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Alvah Bushnell Offers Add-On Products for Optimal Organization


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2018 -- Alvah Bushnell, the premier provider of legal office supplies, offers add-on products to customers looking to organize their legal offices.

One of the most efficient products Alvah Bushnell sells is holders for CDs and flash drives. The company understands that those working in legal offices are always on the go and need products that are easy to use and provide quick access to the information they need. The company's CD-1's are adhesive-backed vinyl CD holders with a flap to keep the CDs inside secure. The adhesive allows the holders to be stuck on the inside of binders, expandable pockets, folders, etc. Alvah Bushnell offers the same option for flash drives as well.

Alvah Bushnell has #10 laser labels can be customized to fit a legal office's needs. The labels fit #10 envelopes, and Alvah Bushnell can print the office's return address on them before sending them out. Legal offices can then feed the labels through a standard desktop printer to print the shipping address. These labels also have a place for four additional items to be printed, such as instructions like please do not fold, first class mail, and confidential.

With a multitude of filing containers for sale, Alvah Bushnell also sells index tabs to enhance organization within an office. Index tabs come in a variety of brands and types. Some types they provide are sets, singles, letter and legal size, top and bottom tabs, numbers, and letters. Tabs with and without word exhibit are also available and come in an array of colors.

Alvah Bushnell has a myriad of legal supplies for sale to help law offices with their filing and organization needs. Contact Alvah Bushnell today by calling 800-814-7296 or visiting their website at

About Alvah Bushnell Company
Alvah Bushnell founded his company in 1876 to help fulfill the unique organizational needs of legal firms. To this end, he invented the file pocket and many other office products that businesses still use to preserve and organize their documents. Today, Alvah Bushnell Company continues to produce durable, portable organizational solutions for a wide range of institutions. With a commitment to American manufacturing and local industry, they continue to lead the field to this day.