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Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- AlvakaNet is an Advanced Network Administration that a lot more than monitoring. It's 24x7x365 upbeat network monitoring that's supplied by the best and skilled NOC engineers. AlvakaNet is all about creating one’s network hidden so that his/her IT-staff could be more strategic and dedicated on the bottom line. AlvakaNet significantly improves network accessibility and uptime.

AlvakaNet makes sure that one’s private and priceless data can be accessible and secure.

Their network is Proactively Handled from their NOC; An Enhanced Network Operations Center situated in a completely obsolete and Hi-Techdata center. Alvaka NOC engineers monitor over their client network 24x7x365. Through Alvaka one may acquire the benefits of a significantly extended intellectual talent including troubleshooting, compliance, safety, planning, buying assistance, product service and more.

NetSecure™ Security Guarantee is another network monitoring software of Alvaka’s data security and governing compliance solutions which were created by their CHPSE and CISSP certified engineers and consultants. Dr. Worx is also another network-connected storage system for Windows servers that comes pre-loaded with all virtualization, restoration and back-up application that must be needed to secure one’s company.

Alvaka is organization which supplies dedicated network monitoring solutions. The Alvaka NOC is the heart of AlvakaNet. This really is where they watch over their client’snetwork, whiletheir clients are monitoring their business. The Alvaka’s Core infrastructure is secured with a Hi-tech SAS70, a Type-II certified data-center. Their Irvine service offers Industry-leading real, ecological control functions and improved scalability and capability to meet one’s growth needs.

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