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Alves Jacob Law Firm Announces Availability of Brazilian International Lawyer to Resolve Legal Hurdles


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- Alves Jacob Law Firm, a premier Law Firm for legal services in Brazil, now announces the availability of Brazilian International Lawyer for sorting out cases and issues pertaining to international relations and other such issues from sovereign states and other international organizations. These lawyers offer legal help in defense of political, civil and social rights of Brazilian citizens and also to foreigners dealing with embassies and consulates. Not only this, but the international lawyer of Alves Jacob Law Firm also deals with Judicial issues such as family, nationality, succession, labour, deportation, extradition, expulsion, criminal, political asylum.

Alves Jacob Law Firm also has a vast pool of dedicated and experienced Brazilian Patent Lawyer to help clients and businesses to secure their patent and other intellectual property. These lawyers have in-depth understanding of the business and its technologies, thereby; they are able to provide the best patent solutions to their clients.

Citing more about the expertise patent solutions from Alves Jacob Law Firm, one of their representatives stated, “The highly experienced attorneys of our firm offer comprehensive strategic counseling in all aspects of intellectual property management to help the clients to protect their I.P. assets. Our attorneys are committed to developing a deep understanding of their clients’ business and technology. We understand that knowledge is of the utmost importance to be able to provide effective patent protection and litigation services as a fundamental part of business planning process. Alves Jacob Law Firm provides services that include Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, and Complex Litigation in Brazil.”

The Alves Jacob Law Firm offers a multitude of legal solutions to clients such as environmental law, breach of contract, immigration law, business law, maritime law, construction law, and litigation law and probably everything that comes under the purview of legal matter.

About Alves Jacob Law Firm
Alves Jacob Law Firm has demonstrated enduring record which emphasizes teamwork and a commitment to excellence. The goal of the law firm is to provide cost-effective legal services that combine our tradition of commitment with the latest innovations in the practice of law. The firm is also known as one of the best in Brazilian resident visa attorney services.
The firm also provides criminal law, breach of contract, family law, maritime law, business law services in Brazil amongst others.

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