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Alyssa's Desire: Author Krysten Raine Ditches Cliché' for Class in Heart-Pounding & Steamy New Erotic Novel

While it may be her debut novel, Krysten Raine is already on a bold mission to change the face of erotic fiction. ‘Alyssa’s Desire’ contains the heat and kink that erotic fiction fans demand, but Raine’s narrative also bucks her genre’s trend with a deep story line and intricate characters. Prepare for a journey into the crime underworld; getting up-close-and-personal with a murderer and enjoying a healthy dose of sex along the way.


Sunbury, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- Nobody can deny the huge boom in both sales and popularity of erotic fiction. However, many critics and experts are vocal about the genre’s need to leave behind its many clichés and vanilla narratives, instead replacing them with plots that actually carry some weight. Debut author Krysten Raine answers that with gusto.

Raine’s first novel, ‘Alyssa’s Desire’, satisfies the urges of all erotic fiction lovers while also serving up an intricate series of plot lines that bear the hallmarks of a best-seller.


Sweet and sexy Alyssa Snyder is a promiscuous paralegal who wants nothing more than to take her handsome boss home for a private litigation session. However, things in her life are about to get crazy. When her mother gets into serious trouble as a result of her heroin addiction, Alyssa comes to her rescue only to find that her life has been turned upside down as a result. Now both the dealer and the police want to have a word with Alyssa about her involvement. Unfortunately, Alyssa and the people she cares about the most are about to find out the hard way that revenge is a dish best served cold!

Join this gorgeous angel on her suspenseful journey as she comes face to face with irate drug dealers, wicked gang members and even a psychotic serial killer! Her path will lead her down a dangerous road fraught with mystery and heartbreak, but on the bright side, she does get to embark on some delightfully erotic encounters along the way. Will this hot little vixen be able to get herself out of this mess and put her life back together? Will she find true love with the man of her dreams, or will her story end tragically at the hands of a killer? Find out in this exciting and erotic tale of love, lust, murder and intrigue!

“My novel is so much more than sex,” explains Raine. “Readers will uncover a treasure trove of drama, suspense and an unexpected journey into the world of crime. Erotic fiction needs to move away from people meeting in elevators and consummating their new friendship by the second floor – authors deserve to give our readers stories with real meat.”

Continuing, “To date, the novel is resonating extremely well with both men and women. It was primarily written for a female audience due to many of the issues explored – but I’m delighted to find that it’s also leaving male readers with plenty to think about!”

The book has garnered a string of positive reviews. For example, Terry L. Million writes, “Well written, haven't read the entire book yet, but I can't put it down long enough to write a rating.”

Alex Charlie was equally as impressed, adding, “I couldn't put the book down, it is sexy and suspenseful with romance thrown in too. The book is hot from the first chapter with some sexy exhibitionists setting the mood for the rest of the story. Alyssa gets well and truly seen to by a few men who sound incredibly hot, I especially liked the muscly English surfer.”

‘Alyssa’s Desire’, published by Spirits of Literature Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/Q7mwqs.

About Krysten Raine
Krysten Raine is an author and behavioral analyst from Sunbury, PA. Prior to writing her first book she studied psychology at Kaplan University where she graduated with an impressive 4.0 GPA. She is also a member of several distinguished honor societies. In addition to writing romantic and erotic literature, Krysten Raine has written numerous articles on sexual health, sexuality in women, love and relationships. A primary goal in her work is to encourage and empower women to embrace their sexuality and to increase intimacy and passion among couples. In addition to relationship counseling, she has also worked in child psychology and behavioral analysis. She strives to promote strong family foundations by helping couples to strengthen both their marriage and their skills as parents. Her hope is to bring forth a new standard of family dynamics by helping people to create a foundation of love, respect and understanding in their homes.