Amaechi Okwuosa Company Director Discusses the Affect Demba Ba's Arrival Will Have on Torres' Performance

Amaechi Okwuosa twitter user, notes that many of Chelsea FC’s fans had, up until recently, been expressing their doubt about the club’s decision to sign Fernando Torres for £50 million.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- Okwuosa’s twitter feed had been filled with criticism of the Spanish player’s performance on the field. However, a recent return to form by Torres, which coincides with the signing of Demba Ba, has changed their opinions.

Ba scored two goals during his debut last weekend against Southampton, and many now believe that his presence on the team will have a positive impact on Torres. During an interview, Benitez, the team’s manager, said that Ba’s skill on the field would encourage Torres to train even harder. Benitez described Fernando as a talented and experienced player, and added that he had spoken to both him and Ba regarding their roles. He then went onto say that Torres was doing his utmost to improve, and that he was impressed by the amount of dedication the player had been demonstrating as of late.

However, Amaechi Okwuosa company director points out that there are still aspects of Torres’ performance which need to be addressed, including his strength and speed. The biggest problem, Okwuosa explains, is that Torres had been playing far too many games, which resulted in him becoming physically exhausted and unable to play at his best during recent matches. On the Amaechi Okwuosa about me page, Okwuosa explains that sufficient rest is just as important as training when it comes to football.

Now, with the arrival of Ba, Torres will be given the chance to recuperate between games. He remained on the bench during the team’s match against Southampton. Benitez explained that whilst Torres knew when he signed up, that he would be playing twice a week, he was forced to play more than this because of the Japan games recently, and this left him with little time to prepare and rest. The manager also added that they intend to incorporate tactical adjustments into their training sessions, so that Torres and the rest of the players are better equipped for future matches. According to the Amaechi Okwuosa Dailymotion video on Chelsea’s upcoming games, the first leg of the semi final for the Capital One Cup will begin in just over three weeks, and Victor Moses, John Obi Mikel and John Terry will all be out for it.

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