Amanda Froelich Seeks $10,000 Through Crowdfunding for the Journey of "Nourishing Roots."

Nourishing Roots is a research, travel, and humanitarian relief project by Amanda Froelich who is ready to participate in lasting change to positively shift the world.


Dominical, Costa Rica -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- Nourishing Roots is a 3-part project: an endeavor to form relations, gain insight, and obtain funding to found a future NGO, an adventure to volunteer with four different orphanages during the one and a half year duration of this project, and an opportunity to publish works to further Amanda Froelich's mission to share resources that will positively benefit others.

She needs funding to help support her taxing venture through these three major locations: India, Africa, and Indonesia, as well as also obtain her goals outlined on the campaign website ( This is not a gap year for Amanda, nor is it a vacation: it is a research, cultural affairs, and travel project to gain better insight on various cultures and their needs, observe first-hand what holistic change might be best implemented, and get dirty in the field while volunteering with communities and orphanages in need.

“I've seen first-hand as a holistic healer, traveler, whole-foods chef, and researcher the necessity to compound diseases of poverty and eventual diseases of affluence through sustainable, holistic change. Nourishing Roots will allow just this to be done; it will give back to the world in a substantial way. And all those who support this project will help make this vision a reality,” said Amanda Froelich.

Incentive has been offered to campaign donors - everything from postcards from the foreign locations to prized editions of the writer / adventurer's soon-to-be published novel and childrens book. You can reserve your perk by visiting the campaign here: (

The future NGO will teach sustainable living, holistic healing, and spiritual connectedness by implementing resources obtained from partners and sponsors, as well as teaching communities in need how to develop their own bio-dynamic sources of food to prevent disease and heal naturally. In collaboration with other progressive activists for change, the organization will become a global resource that will inspire unity and healthful living.

Not only is Amanda Froelich indebted with gratitude for all the support that is given, but she is proud to be in collaboration with people who believe in a world where potential is limitless and positive change is possible.

Funds raised will be allocated as follows:

Travel, Accommodation, and Room & Board: $7,000
Resources needed to implement Change: $7,000

While Amanda's in-depth cost breakdown explains how $14,000 will be needed, she has chosen to set this campaign at $10,000. Besides a more nourished and environmentally-friendly world, you will also get perks for helping her fund this project!

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