Amazing 16 Year Old Solved the P vs NP Problem Millennium Prize Problem


Lexington, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2012 -- Andrew Magdy Kamal who was born on 08/06/1996 is the world's youngest professor. He became professor of Harris University in Manchester at the age of 12 in the field of theoretical physics on 07/11/2008. This is being recognized as a world record by World Records India as well as by recordsetter. Just recently on 09/10/2012 he discovered the answer to the P vs. NP problem, here is his solution:

The P vs NP problem-
The question is to find the number of possible combinations of 400 students sitting down in 4 rows minus a list of 100 students not aloud-

P equals in parentheses 100 factorial possibilities times 4, then that result minus 100 factorial possibilities representing the possibilities of students not aloud-

Next Step: the total answer for the whole problem is (400!)-[(100!)*4) possibilities; p=np and n=1, while p is the # of possibilities.

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