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Amazing 292lb Weight Loss Could Mean $100,000 for Veronica S. in the Beachbody Challenge

A Truly Life Changing Transformation could also mean a financial windfall for this Challenge Competitor, meet Beachbody Challenge Contest hopeful Veronica S.


Washington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- Veronica Spriggs of MeOnlyBetterFitness has undergone an amazing transformation and lost more than half her body weight. Tipping the scales at 457 pounds Veronica S. made a decision to transform her life and her body. She began the arduous journey by making small changes and adjustments to her eating habits. She then incorporated mild to moderate walking. Veronica entered the Beachbody Challenge™weighing 357 pounds and shed a further 192 pounds making her overall weightloss a staggering 292 pounds.

At 47, Spriggs began the Beachbody Challenge weighing 357 pounds and suffering from type 2 diabetes and poor mobility, due to the pain caused by arthritis in the knees and joints bought on my her excessive weight. The pain and discomfort prevented Spriggs from performing every day physical activities such as walking, climbing stairs or even stepping up on a curb. She had given up on daily living as she once knew it.

It took hearing the harsh reality from her family doctor to open Spriggs's eyes about making the life-changing health and fitness decisions that would begin to change her life. She decided to commit to the Beachbody Challenge and started her venture with Les Mills Pump®. From there she completed a host of other Beachbody programs including Les Mills Combat® and INSANITY® P90X® and Focus T25®.

Spriggs also used Shakeology and Beachbody's Ultimate Reset to help complete her health transformation. "Overall" Spriggs says "the journey has not been easy, but it has been challenging and rewarding." It has been so rewarding in fact that Spriggs now has a chance to win $100,000 in Beachbody's Annual Challenge. She is asking family, friends peers and supporters for their help in making this dream come true. Anyone wishing to help Spriggs achieve her goal can do so by registering and voting for Veronica S in the competition. Voting begins 5/20/14 and ends 6/02/14.

Her journey complete, Spriggs has decided to help end the trend of obesity in America. She has become a Team Beachbody Coach in order to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. Users may visit Spriggs' website Me Only Better Fitness to sign up for free fitness coaching. They may also get Spriggs' advice on choosing the right Beachbody program as well as help and support to meet their goals.

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