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Amazing Charters Unveils New Luxurious Yacht Charter Options

A combination of crewed yachts and bareboats covers everyone's objectives and ideas of fun, reports Amazing Charters


Road Town, British Virgin Islands -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Yachts are generally thought of as the vessels of the rich, but there's no need to invest in buying one to enjoy the experience of going to sea on one of these luxury craft. Chartering a yacht makes it possible to have a luxurious sea-based vacation with none of the expense of buying the ship, keeping a crew on staff, maintenance, or other such expenses. Many people choose this option to have an unforgettable vacation that doesn't involve making mortgage payments for the next 15 years.

"There are two main types of yacht charters," explained Ulla Gotfredsen of Amazing Charters. "You can get a fully-crewed ship, or choose a bareboat. A bareboat is just what the name implies: The boat, and nothing else. This is a good option for people who know how to handle a yacht and have enough yachting friends to serve as crew members."

A fully-crewed ship is a good choice for businesspeople and vacationers who don't want to have to learn about ship handling in order to travel across the sea in luxury. These customers want to be able to sit back, enjoy the sea spray, and have cocktails without worrying about who's doing what and how. "Crewed ships are the best choice for vacationers who are looking for Caribbean yacht charters and trips to other beautiful locations," Gotfredsen said. "This lets them have all of the fun with none of the work."

Crewed yachts don't just include the people needed to make the boat go where it's supposed to. A chef is also on the vessel, and others, such as dive instructors, may also come along. The specifics depend on the package chosen, so it's a good idea to ask a charter broker about the options that go with each ship.

Bareboats, on the other hand, are best for those who are into yachting from the perspective of being the ones to actually do the work. "For a member of a yacht club, the thrill is in the workings of the boat and the experience of navigating the craft. They would be pacing the deck of a crewed ship because they'd want to get their hands on the wheel and the rigging and do it themselves."

The availability of bareboats, alas, isn't an invitation to sail them just anywhere. "We charter these boats in the calm waters of the British Virgin Islands and certain waters around Italy," Gotfredsen said. "This lets us know the approximate locations of the craft, and more importantly, it helps to ensure that occasional captains don't find themselves overwhelmed in rough ocean waters. It's the perfect solution because it gives our customers what they're looking for without unnecessary risk."

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Amazing Charters is a broker of yacht charters based in the BVI and offering charters in both the BVI and Italy. It offers both crewed yachts and bareboats in a variety of sizes and ages.