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Amazing Pet Expos Offers Tips to Avoid Pet Adoption Scams, Frauds and Ripoffs

Amazing Pet Expos’ offers Mega-Adoption Area at Every Amazing Pet Expo, Warns Consumers about Pet Adoption Scams


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2016 -- "The Mega-Adoption area allows for local potential pet companions to meet the animal of their dreams," says Ethan Barnett, Vice President of Community Partnerships for Amazing Pet Expos, "But it also gives area rescues more space to both promote their organization and the animals that are in desperate need of good homes. Working with Petfinder to promote this space was an important step for us to make the Mega-Adoption area as large as possible and give those rescues the space they need to get as many animals off the streets and into loving homes as possible."

An Amazing Pet Expo, on average, helps find homes for over 100 pets at each event. Since 2009, Amazing Pet Expos has facilitated over 23,000 successful adoptions in communities across the country. Amazing Pet Expos requires that all non-profit rescue organizations provide documentation of shot records for every pet and also complete a liability waiver. These are just a few ways that Amazing Pet Expos is helping to ensure that you are adopting from a reputable organization.

"Our goal is to support reputable, local agencies and to provide homes for pets in need. Unfortunately, as with any trade, there are scam artists and faux organizations which do more harm than good. We want to alert the public on ways to avoid these scams whether they adopt at our shows, online or elsewhere," said Barnett.

Tips To Avoid Pet Adoption Scams:

- Be extra cautious of ads found in free classified websites, like Craigslist. While there are plenty of legitimate pets listed on these sites, be extra cautious because scammers focus on classifieds that don't cost them anything. If you're searching for a pet online, always use a reputable adoption sites like or go directly to the rescue group's website.

- Do a quick online search on the rescue group or shelter you're thinking of adopting from to learn about others' experience adopting from the organization. Make sure that the organization is actually a rescue and not just an individual who "rescues" stray animals in their free time.

- Ask for several pictures of the pet and request some specific ones too - i.e. ask for a pic of the pet playing outside if possible - to ensure the pet is real.

- Check on the average adoption fees that similar organizations require and make sure the rescue's fees are in line with that's typical - i.e. local animal shelters or purebred rescue groups.

- If the owner or rescue won't give you their direct phone number and the number of their veterinarian, be skeptical. Be sure to call the veterinarian that the rescue or owner normally uses and verify they've cared for the pet.

- Will the rescue or owner get on the phone with you? Most scammers hesitate to speak on the phone; they either don't want you to see their caller ID or don't want to reveal that they're not in the US.

- If your email or other online written communications are in broken English or have very poor spelling and grammar, consider it a red flag - this often indicates that the person writing to you isn't in the US.

- Do not trust a rescue or owner who pushes for you to get the pet quickly by claiming they're moving or being evicted, they have to get rid of the pet ASAP, they have too many pets, they can't take care of the pet anymore or that the pet will come to harm for some reason.

- Be wary if the rescue adds "additional charges" to the adoption fees, such as veterinary charges, travel expenses, medication, insurance, etc. An adoption fee normally covers all veterinary bills and the pet care for the pet prior to adoption.

- If the rescue group or current owner asks you to wire or send money to a different state (or country) than where you're located, say "No, thanks!" Unless there are special circumstances, such as a reputable rescue's recommendation or affiliation, avoid any rescues or owners located outside of the United States.

- All non-profit rescues should provide you with an adoption fee receipt; if they don't, you should be concerned. If you pay an adoption fee with cash, demand a receipt. Never ever pay with a money order or Western Union.

- With every pet adoption, you should receive a copy of the pet's proof of immunizations and rabies' license tag. If the rescue can't - or won't - give this to you, then avoid the rescue.

- And if your gut instinct tells you to be wary, listen to it!

About Amazing Pet Expos
Amazing Pet Expos, producers of over 100 consecutive pet expos since 2009, have teamed up with, the largest database of adoptable pets in North America, in order to continue to provide a Mega-Adoption area at each Amazing Pet Expo featuring reputable, local pet adoption organizations. The Mega-Adoption area, a major component to every pet expo since 2009, allows for potential pet companions to meet animals up for adoption from local rescue organizations. The area also helps to ensure that attendees can adopt in a safe way and avoid any potential rip-offs or scams while looking for the perfect pet companion.