Amazing Semi Truck Leasing Solutions for Bad Credit Clients


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2014 -- Semi truck and big truck leasing has been made easy by Easy Rig Leasing. While many vehicle and automobile leasing companies prefer not to work with bad credit clients, Easy Rig Leasing specializes in providing services to bad credit clients. “Here at Easy Rig Leasing, we have simplified the process of leasing vehicles. Many people with a bad credit history end up browsing through lists of vehicle leasing companies, but there are a very few out there that actually don’t hold cynical views about bad credit clients. It is mainly because people have developed a more critical and alert approach to their business; in times like this, people don’t really want clients with baggage” a spokesperson from Easy Rig Lease explained why it is hard for people with bad credit scores to find a leasing company.

The company specializes in financing semi trucks and big trucks for the clients on monthly installment basis. The spokesperson from the company spoke further about how Easy Rig Lease is proving affable leasing solutions to clients with bad credit scores. “We work with all types of customers. It doesn’t matter if a client has a good credit history or a bad one. Easy Rig Lease doesn’t conduct a credit check prior to financing and that is what makes this service completely ideal for bad credit clients.”

Easy Rig Leasing doesn’t even charge a down payment or money down prior to financing for a truck. According to them, it is just the extra step they are willing to take for the convenience of their clients. The company representative spoke further about their facilities for bad credit clients “We do all financing in house, it means that a client doesn’t pay any money prior to leasing in the form of down payment. Easy Rig Lease conducts all financing in house and receives money from the clients after leasing, in the form of monthly installments.”

Easy Rig Leasing works very amiably and flexibly, as compared to other vehicle leasing and financing companies out there. Easy Rig Leasing is known for their stellar customer service and they take exceptional measure for the ease of the client. “The monthly installments are planned over a period of time and in amounts that are affable for the clients. The installments are suited to every client’s wherewithal and are low in value so the client can easily pay them every month” The rep explained the company’s dealership in big and semi trucks with bad credit clients.

About Easy Rig Lease Deals
Easy Rig Lease deals in no credit check semi truck financing online. They have a wide range of inventory in all sorts of semi and big trucks that are ready to be leased.

Media Contact: Leonard Crandall
Location: New York, NY