Amazing Wordpress Plugin Makes Tracking Solo Ads a Breeze

‘WP Solo Tracker’ Makes it Easier Than Ever Before to Finally Track and Monitor Solo Ads and Profit Massively!


Manila, Phillipines -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Steve Fleming has finally made it easier than ever before for people who utilize ‘solo ads’ to drive traffic to their websites to really start seeing a positive return on their investment… like never before!

WP Solo Tracker was designed and developed to address a very real-world problem that Mr. Fleming had identified a few months ago. That problem was the fact that it was virtually impossible for the average user to track and monitor their solo ad campaigns without spending $100’s of dollars or becoming a technical guru.

He wanted to make it both easy and affordable for the average man in the street and at the same time empower the ‘little man’.

“I’d been using solo ads to drive traffic to my sites for months but noticed rather quickly that the only way to really make them pay was to be monitoring both the traffic and the conversions that they delivered.

Looking around I found a number of solutions that would satisfy one or both of my criteria but the prices or the learning curve required, was just more than I was willing to spend.

I decided to use my extensive coding experience to create a unique WordPress plugin that would address both of my needs and help a ton of other people at the same time.”

‘Solo Ads’ are one of the many ways that Internet Marketers use to drive traffic to their site and involve contacting a ‘provider’ with a large email list of people who have expressed an interest in similar topics or niches to the one you’re looking to promote.

They then would send an email to their list promoting your product or offering and guarantee a pre-determined number of visitors to your site. For this service you would pay a relatively small amount of money and then benefit from an immediate boost in traffic.

WPSOLOTRACKER.COM showcases the plugin and also goes into great depth about not only what inspired Mr. Fleming to create the plugin but also the many benefits that he and the hundreds of satisfied customers that have purchased ‘WP Solo Tracker’, are already enjoying.

It is obvious that Mr. Fleming has put a lot of thought and effort into not only the creation of WP Solo Tracker but also the website, WPSOLOTRACKER.COM and his passion for delivering great content and advice is truly remarkable.  If the initial articles on the site are a barometer of his future intent then those looking for the real-world examples of how to make money online will not be disappointed.

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About Steve Fleming
Steve Fleming is an internet professional who has been generating a living online for well over 15 years. He is also an accomplished programmer and web developer and has an extensive list of satisfied clients.

In January 2012 he began developing plugins for the popular content management system (CMS), WordPress, and he has helped a great deal of people to elevate their online businesses.

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