Amazon Stainless Steel Splatter Screen by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Approved for Lightning Deals on Prime Day 2017


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2017 -- Pro Chef Kitchen Tools, maker of popular, professional-grade cooking utensils, announced today that its popular Stainless Steel Cooking Grease Mess Eliminator Splatter Screen Guard will be offered through special Amazon "Lightning Deals." The splatter guard helps cooks cut down on kitchen mess. It can also help prevent spills and boil overs while cooking. The Cooking Grease Mess Eliminator Splatter Screen Guard will be available at discounts up to 40% on Prime Day 2017 with a scheduled time-limited lightning deal July 11.

"I say spend your time in the kitchen doing what you love, not cleaning up," said George Richards of Pro Chef Kitchen Tools. "Don't waste your time cleaning up grease and other food messes. That's the problem we solve with the Splatter Guard."

The screen guard is safe to use with any pot and pan on kinds of cooking surfaces. It works with induction, glass and electric stovetops without causing concern about damage. Like all Pro Chef Kitchen Tools, the Grease Mess Eliminator Guard has been designed and tested by actual chefs. Made with FDA-approved, food-grade stainless steel, it won't add odd smells or tastes to food. The material is non-reactive. Food that it comes into contact with will be safe, unlike what can happen with silicone or plastic tools.

The guard fits any pot or skillet. It stores easily and is suitable for virtually any kind of cooking. The guard measures 11 3/4 inches across, making it fit up to any 12" pot, skillet, wok, pan or cooking appliance. The folding handle makes the storage size just 11 7/8" in width to fit any pot lid holder rack. The Splatter Guard also serves as a replacement lid for Instant Pot electric pressure cookers when sautéing foods. It is the missing Instant Pot accessory that was developed along with the collapsible steamer insert.

The Splatter Guard features a fine mesh screen that keeps bacon crispy and sautéed vegetables crunchy. But, there's no need to clean up tomato sauce or oil that splatters all over the range and backsplash. A ventilated lid allows for even cooking of all the food in the pan.

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