imlioyim jamir Introduces Coconut Colon Cleanse, a Natural, Healthy Way to Detox and Lose Weight


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2014 --, a reputed online shopping website recently began selling the Coconut Colon Cleanse for detox and weight loss. The Coconut Colon Cleanse for detox and weight loss was launched in October by Island Vibrance, a leading manufacturer of health supplements. has also provided potential customers with important information about the product as well as reviews by other customers, in order to help them make an informed decision before buying Coconut colon cleanse for detox and weight loss.

Colon cleansing is the process of removing toxic wastes that have accumulated in the colon. The buildup of toxins in the colon is one of the reasons for various kinds of health problems. By cleansing the colon, good health is restored in the digestive system. There are two ways of cleansing the colon; by using homemade cleansers and buying colon cleansing kits. With more and more people growing aware of the importance of a clean colon, the market today is filled with different types of colon cleansing products. On such product is the coconut colon cleanse by Island Vibrance.

Coconut has high fiber content and because of that it has been used as a natural laxative since long ago. According to, Island Vibrance has worked hard to create a natural formula that allows a body to detoxify safely, comfortably and without any pain. further stated that when used for over a month, the Coconut Colon Cleanse helps clean vital organs, give the body more energy and purges the body of all harmful toxins, resulting in weight loss. Besides cleansing the colon, the product also claims to counteract digestive problems and other nutritional deficiencies. offers free shipping on orders of this product over a certain amount. The website also offers a 100% money back guarantee to customers in case they are not satisfied with the product. For customers who want their Coconut Colon Cleanse to be delivered as soon as possible, the website also offers One-Day Shipping.

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