AMB Credit Consultants Launches - the Blog That Tells It All

Finally Free Access to How Literally Anyone on the Planet is Only 1-Click, Call, & Commitment Away From Having Sexy, Luxurious Credit!


Menlo Park, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2013 -- With all the buzz drummed up about the new blog, fans of AMB Credit Consultants couldn't wait to browse the new site. The anticipation had been killing everyone for approximately 3 long months and now … the cat is finally out the bag (so-to-speak)!

Just a few days ago, on March 15th, AMB Credit announced on its FB Pages that the new blog is now live and ready for visitors. It's one of two sites that the company owns, however, is very different in that it not only educates its audience but it also motivates them. The blog is sort of it's own brand in a way since it serves its own purpose. And thus far, according to AMB Credit, many people are taking very highly to it!

The new blog is aimed at women but useful for all. The original idea was that most women enjoy having luxurious things. They spend thousands of dollars on hair, nails, clothes, shoes, and all kinds of other cosmetic things but never really stopped to think about investing in their credit. So this was the inspiration behind building the “Luxurious Credit Blog” where those women who've already obtained Luxurious Credit can now inspire those who are still on the path to it.

AMB Credit Consultants hope that the blog will empower and motivate women to invest in something more important than consmetics – that being themselves. As Arnita Johnson, owner of AMB Credit and Mastermind behind the Blog says “bad credit is cosmetic as well and for those who don't know, it is not very Sexy so if you're going to spend so much money on your physical cosmetics to look good, then you'd better well spend a small portion of that on your financial cosmetics as well because that's what adds the swag to the rest of the bling”.

The blog features many testimonials from Luxurious Credit (LC) clients in which have reached for the moon and been rewarded with the stars. They've been able to obtain their new cars, new homes, new jobs, and overall new lives in addition to so much more as a result of taking a stand and investing in the improvement of their credit. “We hope that these testimonials will engage and encourage more woman to take their stand as well”, says Yusheeka Gray, Operations Manager of AMB Credit.

The company reports that anyone can benefit from this blog as it also features more than 100 recent dispute results from both women AND men alike. The company hopes that men will also take to the blog and feel encouraged as well.

AMB Credit Consultants is looking forward to reaching out to and interacting with both current as well as future potential luxurious credit (LC) clients across the country. To celebrate the launch of the new blog, the company will be giving away new Luxurious Credit t-shirts, holding contests, sweepstakes, and other fun events that all of our readers will want to look out for but will need to stay tuned to AMB's Facebook page in order to be among the first to be notified.

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