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Ambitious Entrepreneur Sacrifices Everything to Bring Change to Sports Nutrition Industry

Tired of mediocre results and the secrecy of proprietary blends, Lars Wenas demanded full-on natural supplements based on quality and hard research. With no suitable company in sight, Wenas sold his apartment, gave up everything he had and launched his own with phenomenal results.


Dover, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2013 -- While many entrepreneurs sacrifice luxuries in order to start their ventures, Lars Wenas took the concept to the Nth degree. Having long searched for a company that could provide natural supplements backed by hard science and proven by real results, nothing could be found. Deciding to sell his house and move to Thailand in order to leave as cheaply as possible, the fruits of Wenas’ labor have proven globally renowned.

The end result is ‘Explicit Nutrition’, a Sports Nutrition company with a solid commitment to taking natural supplements to the next level. With core values of optimum dosing, high ingredient quality and investment in research, the company’s first product –‘Testoturbo’- is garnering thousands of rave reviews from around the world.

The supplement naturally boosts testosterone and promotes thicker muscle growth. With a unique natural formula that also increases nutrient absorption and thus results, the product has quickly been adopted by thousands of athletes and ‘average Joes’.

For Wenas, it’s been a rollercoaster of blood, sweat and tears.

“After not being able to source the product I wanted, my entrepreneurial spirit got the better of me. Before I knew it I had sold my apartment, waved goodbye to my loved ones and moved into a dirt-cheap lifestyle on the other side of the world,” he says.

Continuing, “However, this has allowed me to create a company and product with frankly-honest values, clear-cut goals and a superior first product. I’m not pretending to be bigger than I am; I’m just a driven individual who will do anything to bring top-quality, results-producing supplements to consumers.”

It would appear his efforts are paying off. Since its launch, Testoturbo has garnered a consistent string of acclaimed testimonials.

“First day I took it I noticed increased energy and awareness, I had a lot more concentration and focus. As the days went by I experienced that I felt more and more powerful. This is without a doubt, hands down the best test booster I've ever used,” says Jeff from Canada.

Another user, Kyle, was equally as impressed. He said, "Testoturbo went beyond my expectations... It helped me push myself to the edge in order to get one step closer to my goal! I highly recommend Testoturbo.... F***** legit!"

With a myriad of supplements on the market, Wenas is confident Explicit Nutrition is different.

“You’ll find no hype or proprietary blending here. Everything is based on hard science and marketed honestly through proven end-user results. You won’t find us on a cheesy infomercial either; what you see is literally what you get,” he adds.

Critics are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the company’s next product, confident it will make further strides to change the sports nutrition industry for good.

In the meantime, check out Testoturbo online at: http://www.explicitnutrition.com

About Explicit Nutrition
Explicit Nutrition was spawned from a vision and passion for absolute quality and results.

It is our mission to bring the supplement industry to a new standard of excellence for you, the consumer. The only way to achieve this through the purity, potency and effectiveness of the Explicit Nutrition line of products.

We know you're savvy enough to compare our ingredients to our competitors'. We know you're smart enough to see right through multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns for products with Supplement Facts that just don't cut it.

Explicit Nutrition is a refreshing deviation from the norm. We pour our money into the quality of the ingredients you're putting into your body. So you can EXPECT them to perform beyond anything else.