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AMC Fire Protection Advises Client on Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems


Delran, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2018 -- Providing a wide array of fire protection services to businesses and facilities across the Tri-State area, AMC Fire Protection is advising current and aspiring restaurant owners to familiarize themselves with the range of choices in restaurant fire protection systems and to take the time to learn how such systems work.

Every restaurant should have a fire suppression system that meets their individual needs. Different brands offer slightly different features, though most systems provide basic features. The suppression system will connect to both the hood over the cooking station and the gas line running through it. When triggered, the gas line automatically turns off to cut off the fuel source. Simultaneously, the station hood's nozzles discharge a special water-based chemical containing a compound designed for fighting grease fires. Meanwhile, the hood will kick on to fan away any resulting smoke from the kitchen.

Various systems will have different ways of detecting a fire, and AMC Fire Protection encourages restaurant owners and managers to consider this when choosing their system. Suppression systems come in a wide range of size variants, and are usually a part of the current kitchen hood. Every six months, the expert AMC Fire Protection team will inspect the system to ensure that it is up to code, and adjust nozzles and make repairs as necessary.

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