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AMCAP Mortgage - NHB Releases New Online Guide to Conventional and FHA Loans

Helpful new guide lays out all the important distinctions in clear, streamlined format, AMCAP Mortgage - NHB reports


Spring, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2015 -- The North Houston Bureau of AMCAP Mortgage published a new guide aimed at those choosing between conventional and FHA-insured home loans. The new AMCAP Mortgage - NHB guide will answer all of the most common questions, delivering helpful, actionable advice in a straightforward, point-by-point manner. AMCAP Mortgage - North Houston is one of the region's most active and flexible home lenders, providing everything from jumbo-sized conventional loans to mortgage refinancing and FHA options for first-time buyers.

"We're happy to report that we have just published our new guide to conventional vs fha home mortgages," AMCAP Mortgage - NHB site administrator and longtime mortgage-industry specialist Gerry Nicodemus said, "This is a subject of perennial conclusion for buyers, and we're glad to be able to straighten things out. When it comes down to it, there are only a few things buyers really need to understand, and our new guide makes it as easy as possible to come up to speed."

Since the depths of the Great Depression, the Federal Housing Administration has guaranteed mortgages obtained by certain qualifying home buyers. Lending stability to the nation's housing markets and providing opportunity for those who would otherwise have difficulty obtaining financing to purchase a home, the popular program has been modified many times over the decades, but consistently ranks as a top choice for those able to take advantage of it.

As the new AMCAP Mortgage - NHB guide shows, there are good reasons for this. For one, buyers who obtain FHA loans are sometimes able to put as little as 3.5% of the total purchase price down, making home buying more realistic for many people. FHA lenders also tend to charge lower rates than those issuing entirely private mortgages, because the federal government's guarantee reduces the risks they face.

The new AMCAP Mortgage - NHB guide delves into these important issues and others, giving readers a complete, compact picture of the most relevant differences between the two basic kinds of loans. As one of the Houston area's most relied-upon and successful lenders, AMCAP Mortgage - NHB is well positioned to offer this style of advice to readers.

AMCAP Mortgage - NHB works with home buyers of all kinds to arrange the most appropriate and appealing loans for purchases and mortgage financing. With a proven, streamlined three-step system, the company greatly simplifies the mortgage lending process, closing many files in 30 stress-free days or less. Those interested in the new AMCAP Mortgage - NHB guide comparing FHA-backed and conventional mortgages can find at the company's website. Visitors there can also read about all of AMCAP Mortgage - NHB's services and schedule free, 10-minute lending consultations.

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