AME Accademia Musicale Europea Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Help Young Singers and Musicians to Improve and Show Their Talent in Italy

Through the Arezzo Summer Music School & Festival, AME-Accademia Musicale Europea is looking to give a real chance to improve the career of some young singers and musicians.


Arezzo, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- AME – Accademia Musicale Europea is an Italian no profit cultural organization which has already built several cultural project in Italy dedicated to discover young talents in classical music. The most relevant is the Sacred Music Int. Competition; an annual singer competition began in 2001.

They are preparing for the Arezzo Summer Music School & Festival, a two weeks long event, constituted by:
- An international school with 12 courses & master classes for Baroque Music, Opera, Lied and Oratorio. The teachers will be some of the most skilled experts of Baroque Music.
- A Festival (10 concerts in 2 days from 6 pm to midnight) which will turn the Arezzo center into perfect scenery for a “music promenade” through churches and squares where the people will discover young talents and early forgotten music.

AME-Accademia Musicale Europea needs 12,500 € to get Arezzo Summer Music School & Festival up and running by the fall. This number will cover:
- Total coverage of expenses (courses, journey, accommodation) for some young artists
- The coverage of accommodation expenses for one week for all the students who will be selected to perform during the Arezzo Summer Music Festival.
- The Musicological research of the manuscript “Passio” by Gaetano Veneziano, Italian composer of the XVII century that will be performed for the first time in modern age during the Arezzo Summer Music Festival.
- The production of the live-streaming of all the concerts of the Arezzo Summer Music Festival.
- The production of audio and video recording of the “Passio” concert.
- The rent of harpsichords and pianos to let study the students during the courses.
- The setting up of the concerts.

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