Support from 33 State Governors Requested

Support from 33 State Governors requested to amend Electoral College


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- In response to the Republican proposal, the United America Party is requesting the support of 33 State Governors to amend the Electoral College. A letter sent today to the Governors highlights the fact that 7 states have a combined total of 209 Electoral votes, while their 33 states have a combined total of 196 Electoral votes.

Ronald Casteel, Chief Strategy Officer of the Party states, “While the Electoral College in theory provided for shifts in population the reality is that the domination of the process by a certain group of States in America has remained constant. This clearly penalizes the citizens of the excluded States, discourages voter participation, and prohibits equal representation”.

They propose a common sense solution to raise the number of current Electoral votes from 538 to 553. Each state will then be given 11 Electoral votes each, the District of Columbia will remain at 3. A Presidential candidate will need 277 Electoral votes to become President. Each state and the District of Columbia would then award their Electoral votes to candidates as a percentage of total popular votes each candidate receives.

According to Casteel, “The U.S. Senate and House of Representative seats are capped. This amendment would cap the electoral votes at 553”. We’re starting this initiative with the states affected by our current process. In gaining the support of these states Governors and citizens, we can have a united appeal to members of Congress to ratify our proposed amendment. Citizens can show their support by contacting their Governor at The citizens of these states have endured this inequity for too long”.