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America One: Compelling Novels Fuse Fact & Fiction to Empower Support of U.S. Space Exploration

With NASA’s Shuttle Program complete and no signs of a future for US-led space exploration, one author is using reality-inspired fiction to urge the public to back the Space Program’s future. Boasting a compelling story and bold real-world agenda, T I Wade’s latest series is resonating with readers across the United States and in Europe.


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2013 -- Since Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act in 1958, the United States has led Earth’s exploration of space. From winning the Space Race to first reaching Mars, the Government’s long history of supporting the Space Program is envied around the world. However, with the Shuttle Program complete and NASA turning their funds towards the private sector, many are concerned about the future of space exploration.

The ‘America One’ series by T I Wade is an action-packed series of books with a vital real-world message; back the future of space exploration before Earth becomes harder to survive on and humans close on possible extinction.

Series synopsis:

From the age of seven Ryan Richmond dreamed about going to Space. Now Ryan Richmond has $3 billion to play with, he is in his forties; and still wants to go to space. His only enemy; the US Government who doesn’t have its own space program-and wants his new spaceship; AMERICA ONE.

He sold his first company at 19 and employed the remnants of the Russian Space Program; a couple of the best Russian space brains in the world. Ryan founded, and sold two more companies in his twenties, and then hired most of the European Space Authority.

In his thirties he invested over $100 million into Internet Start-ups and Google, netting Billions. Then he waited until NASA’s Shuttle Program came to a sad end and employed the best brains in the U.S. Space Program. Now he is in his forties, still wants to go to space- the only problem is that The U.S. government doesn't have a current space program of their own- and wants his!

The series comprises of four books, with two already available and the third due imminently. While deploying facets of science fiction, the series also contains real-life daily politics, current space exploration news and many nods to today’s historical events.

“Chances are that we could destroy this planet, our own home with our ideas of war and greed, and somebody has to find a new home to continue. When this happens, we could be the first on Earth to extend our own extinction,” says Wade.

Continuing, “That is why I am writing AMERICA ONE; to get more people behind NASA, the private companies, and groups of people trying to explore the world of new horizons out there.” Written for Middle and High School students as much as adults, this series will also help youngsters focus on the future of earth-science and astro-science related courses.

Reviews for the first two books have been nothing but glowing.

“Hang on for the ride! If you love flying, aerodynamics and space exploration, this is a must to read!” says one reader, reviewing the book series on Amazon.

Another was equally as impressed, saying, “This story shows the reader that you should never ask this government for anything or any help because the end result is; they think they own you and your business.” So true to today's news and way of life, great read if you want to look inside America.

With the books’ popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

The ‘America One’ series is available now: http://amzn.to/13iQ1Gz

Note: Book one is currently free until further notice: http://amzn.to/ZqYA1Z

About the Author: T I Wade
T I Wade was born in Bromley, Kent, England in 1954. His father, a banker was promoted with his International Bank to Africa and the young family moved to Africa in 1956.

The author grew up in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Once he had completed his mandatory military commitments, at 23 he left Africa to mature in Europe. He enjoyed Europe and lived in three countries; England, Germany and Portugal for 15 years. The author learned their way of life, and language before returning to Africa; Cape Town in 1989.

Here the author owned and ran a restaurant, a coffee manufacturing and retail business, flew a Cessna 210 around desolate southern Africa and achieved marriage in 1992.

Due to the upheavals of the political turmoil in South Africa, the Wade family of three moved to the United States in 1996. Park City, Utah was where his writing career began in 1997. To date T I Wade has written ten novels.

The Author, his wife and two teenage children currently live 20 miles south of Raleigh, North Carolina.