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American Aquascapes Announces Spring Clean-Outs Begin February 16, 2016

The company remains open Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM and Saturdays 9AM to 3PM to meet the needs of clients who wish to have their pond serviced or repaired, reports


Graham, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2015 -- American Aquascapes announces spring clean-out services begin February 16, 2016, and individuals and businesses needing this Pond Management service need to sign up quickly, as the list fills up fast. Those who do sign up for a spring clean-out before February 15, 2016 receive ten percent off of pond supply products. Spring clean-out services may include draining of the pond, removal and power washing of filters and pumps, leak detection and the dividing of aquatic plants. Customers determine which services they need and American Aquascapes provides them.

"In addition, our company is offering a pond aeration service, which is like an insurance policy for the fish residing there. When the aeration service is purchased with a clean-out, free installation is offered. Our goal is to provide clients with the products and services they need, and this is just one of the many ways we do so," the pond crew at American Aquascapes announces.

Backyard ponds offer individuals a way to relax and get away from the pressures of the day. According to the National Wildlife Federation, backyard ponds bring diversity to a landscape and offer hours of educational opportunities and entertainment for family and friends. Beneficial wildlife arrive soon after the Pond Installation and a backyard pond that is balanced is rarely home to large quantities of mosquitoes.

"Birds gravitate to moving water, according to the National Wildlife Federation, and will be attracted if they have a place to land. Pond life can easily be started also, simply by obtaining water from a nearby pond. This water will contain millions of organisms that work to keep the pond water balanced. Add some barley straw to minimize the growth of algae and install a fence around the pond to ensure young children don't have access to the water without adult supervision. Once these simple steps have been taken, the pond is ready to host a variety of creatures for your enjoyment," the pond crew continues.

Regular pond maintenance is needed to protect creatures living in the water and to ensure the pond is functioning as designed. A number of maintenance tasks need to be carried out regularly, such as checking for blockages and leaks in the plumbing system and adding water treatments, among other things. Many pond owners don't feel equipped to take on these tasks without assistance.

"American Aquascapes offers routine maintenance service for those who wish to have help in maintaining their pond. We offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service or work with those customers who choose to maintain their own pond, but wish for help when it is time for a pond fall service or a spring clean-out. Call us today and we'll be happy to discuss which options are right for you. The goal is to ensure the pond system remains balanced at all times, and we can help you to achieve this goal," the pond crew declares.

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An award-winning professional pond service business, American Aquascapes is located in Graham, North Carolina, near Raleigh and Chapel Hill. The company provides individuals and businesses in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee with affordable water design features, maintenance, repairs and construction.