American Checkout

American Checkout Paves the Way for American Retailers to Sell Internationally

Site Targets International Customers Who Want The Variety That Comes W/American Goods


Woodland Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- With the earth's population topping 6.5 billion people, it's difficult to ascertain the exact number of consumers who shop online; however, industry research indicate approximately 27% of world's shopper use the Internet as their shopping cart. Furthermore, during the holidays, the percentage goes as high as 55%, especially when it comes to US goods, according to a study conducted by E-Tailing Group. The problem, according to American Checkout spokesperson Karin Alpanian, is found when those in other countries want to buy US products, but find the retailer won't ship internationally.

Says Alpanian, "American goods are in big demand all over the globe, but because so many of the websites refuse to ship internationally, consumers in other countries have been out of luck." With that in mind, American Checkout, a worldwide shipping clothing store was born, offering an international shopping mall online to the customers of the world, providing a portal for American companies to sell their goods to a global market.

Alpanian continues, saying, "American Checkout brings the shoppers the choice to be able to shop directly from the US stores, instead going to a third party to complete their purchases. Shoppers can stop paying extra shipping and handling fees. They can find what they are looking for at American Checkout including the best womens fashion online shopping, and have it delivered to their doorstep."

The site, in business for three years, has been extremely well received by international customers and American retailers, alike. Says Alpanian. "Making American retail stores global and opening the international market to great companies and shoppers has been American Checkout’s main goal. More choices and more savings are our main priority. We are International and want to bring America to each individual that does not live here."

She goes on to say, "American Checkout works hard on getting new US based online stores and bringing a variety of new ideas and stores to their international customers. We give ideas and tips on what’s hot and new in United States. We give fashion ideas, travel ideas, wedding ideas and more. Anyone around the world will be able to shop securely with American Checkout, whether they're looking for beauty products from USA or supplies for their large dog, we have something for everyone."

About American Checkout
In business since 2010, American Checkout is a Los Angeles based corporation offering an international online shopping experience to their global customers. The staff works hard to bring consumers new shops and ideas. They have created an online shopping mall for our retailers to expand globally with stores shipping to over 220 countries worldwide. They pride themselves on providing their customers a comfortable, reliable shopping experience without going through the hassle of looking for online stores that ship worldwide.