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American Dental Care Has Just Announced New Tips to Avoid Some Common Dental Problems


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- Much like the American Dental Association, American Dental Care in Allentown urges their patients to brush their teeth twice daily and to make a habit out of flossing. Brushing teeth regularly and flossing on a daily basis still remains the most effective way to limit the chances of a dental problem. However, certain genetic predispositions or other oral hygiene faux pas may lead to some problems. Now, the professionals at American Dental Care in Allentown are informing patients about some new ways to avoid these common problems.

One dental problem that everyone has dealt with at some point, whether personally or through interacting with another person, is bad breath. Bad breath can be caused from a variety of different culprits. Identifying the underlying cause of bad breath is the most important step in getting rid of it. However, patients suffering from bad breath should keep hydrated in order to avoid dry mouth. Additionally, certain foods, like garlic or onions, should be avoided. Lastly, cleaning the tongue at least once a day can help to prevent the build-up of excess bacteria.

Another problem patients will often report is overly sensitive teeth. The severity of sensitivity can range from mild to extreme and some patients may experience a great deal of discomfort. More times than not, the sensitivity of teeth are related to damage of the gums. When gums become damaged the root surface of a tooth can be more susceptible to food, temperature, or liquids. One way to avoid damage to the gums is with a soft-bristle tooth brush and a gentle brushing technique. Additionally, avoiding acidic food and beverages can help prevent against sensitivity.

American Dental Care in Allentown wants their patients to have the most current and relevant information that applies to their dental well-being. Additionally, American Dental Care serves Allentown and the surrounding area and is the perfect option when looking for a dentist in Quakertown, PA. Feel free to check out the website for more information and educational materials.

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