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American Dental Care in Doylestown Announces Openings for Invisalign Installations


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2014 -- Having a perfect smile is one of the most sought after things for any individual. As teeth age, individuals can experience movement in their mouth, which affects the look of the smile and causes discomfort. This August, American Dental Care in Doylestown is announcing the office has invisalign installation openings for their valued patients. The process is simple, and once a patient wears invisalign for a select period of time, their teeth will become aligned without the need for metal braces.

Taking the place of braces, receiving invisalign in Doylestown provides an abundance of benefits. In contrast to traditional braces, the dental professionals will take accurate molds and measurements to create a set of invisible aligners that perform like braces, but are removable and can’t be seen by passersby.

Those who fear going to the dentist will receive the solution they’ve been searching for to straighten their teeth without irritation. Patients can improve their smile in just a few months, switching between two sets of aligners every couple of weeks. They can be removed when eating, drinking, and brushing, so as not to interfere with diets and other eating habits as braces would.

Every patient is different, and those who feel that invisalign can improve the smile and benefit them physically and mentally are encouraged to consult with a dentist in Doylestown, PA. As certified orthodontists for the use of invisalign, the team of professionals are available to answer any questions. The office welcomes new patients, and offers professional opinions on the best practices to proceed. To hear more about their procedures, please contact the company today.

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