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American Dental Care in Doylestown Now Offering Cosmetic Dentistry


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- American Dental Care in Doylestown, a full service dentist in Bucks County, is pleased to announce that they are now offering cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry can make a significant change in a smile with quick and painless treatments. It can include a wide range of treatments from simple teeth whitening to tooth reshaping, bonding, crowns, and veneers.

Teeth whitening is becoming more popular and trendy as it is a rather simple process that gives significant results. Teeth can be whitened to remove stains or lighten the overall shade of teeth. Most teeth whitening treatments are performed at home over a span of a few weeks.

Bonding is a process that uses tooth-colored material to change the shape of teeth. Bonding can fix gaps, spaces, chips, or broken teeth. In one simple office visit, a single tooth or set of teeth can be restored to their original shape. Bonding and reshaping can be used to fix teeth that were possibly never cosmetically pleasing to the patient. The bonding material stains easily, so proper care must be taken to prevent discoloring.

Veneers can fix some of the same cosmetic issues as bonding, but last longer and are not as prone to staining. Veneers can correct the color or shape of teeth. As with bonding, it can correct chipped or misshaped teeth, and can also bring discolored teeth back to a normal appearance. Veneers are a thin piece of porcelain placed on the front of the tooth. It is bonded to the tooth using a special cement. Veneers require more than one office visit as a mold of the teeth must be taken so the veneer can be made in an off site lab.

Crowns are caps the cover a tooth and restore it to its original appearance. Crowns are matched to the current shade of the rest of the teeth to ensure a natural appearance. Crowns are the most time consuming and costly of most dental cosmetic treatments, however, they have the longest life expectancy so they are appealing to many patients.

American Dental Care in Doylestown can perform a dental cosmetic treatment that is proper for each patient in a clean and friendly environment. Call today for a brighter and more beautiful smile.

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The team at American Dental Care in Doylestown takes great pride in offering patients in the Bucks County, PA, area the highest quality of dental healthcare. They are dedicated to providing a solution to every treatment or procedure that needs to be resolved. American Dental Care in Doylestown understands that some of their patients fear their routine checkup, which is why they offer alternatives such as sedation dentistry to allow patients to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

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