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American Dental Care in Doylestown Now Offering Invisalign to Their Patients This November


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- A smile is the first thing a new colleague, client, or friend notices. When a person is not comfortable with the alignment of their teeth, it can cause them to become self-conscious and limit the amount they show their teeth while smiling. In an effort to avoid braces and the metal and hassle that go along with them, the professionals at American Dental Care in Doylestown are pleased to announce they are now offering their valued patients Invisalign this November 2013.

Invisalign acts as an alternative to braces, as it serves as a type of retainer that is invisible when fastened to the teeth. This treatment will accurately straighten the teeth and improve the smile in as little as a few months. The dentists in Doylestown at American Dental Care offer Invisalign as a remedy for treating an overbite, an underbite, the spacing of the teeth, as well as the crowding of the teeth. The product is a plastic brace that fits smoothly around the teeth without much irritation to the cheeks and gums. Patients will feel free to walk around and boast their smile while feeling confident that their aligners are unnoticeable to passersby.

Patients at American Dental Care in Doylestown will receive multiple sets of aligners, each set to be worn for around two weeks. Though they serve the same purpose as braces, patients won’t be required to visit the dentist as often as a patient with metal braces in their mouth. The beauty of Invisalign is the capability to remove them when in a situation where the device would get in the way—such as eating or drinking. The process will vary for each patient, as some could see results in two weeks, while others a few months. But the fact remains, Invisalign is clinically proven to straighten the teeth.

To hear more information about the cost of this service or to see if Invisalign is the right treatment to correct a crooked smile, please call 215-348-4041 or visit their website to read about this innovative dental application today.

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