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American Dental Care in Doylestown Now Offering Treatment for Periodontal Disease

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Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- Many Americans face the challenge of being affected by periodontal disease. Commonly known as gum disease, periodontal disease affects the surrounding tissue of the tooth and even the jawbone if it has spread. If remained undetected or if not cared for properly by a professional, periodontal disease can be a serious illness, causing much more devastation to the entire body if left untreated. As a leading dental practice in Pennsylvania, American Dental Care in Doylestown uses the most up-to-date methods and treatments for periodontal disease. The Doylestown dental practice is pleased to announce they are now offering treatment for different stages of periodontal disease. Patients who are concerned about having periodontal disease do not have to wait until the last second to be checked. Patients can schedule an appointment today by calling 215-348-4041.

Methods used to combat periodontal disease can vary depending on the severity of the disease each patient is experiencing. During the initial phase of the periodontal disease treatment, patients will be evaluated by the dental hygienist, who will recommend the proper treatment to combat the issue. Common types of periodontal disease include chronic, aggressive, necrotizing and periodontitis caused by systemic disease. Each stage requires a specific form of treatment which may include surgical and non-surgical options.

There are four main treatments for periodontal disease. Scaling and rooting requires the removal of the gum tissue that has been affected by the disease. Tissue regeneration requires grafting materials to be used to regrow the tissue that have been destroyed by the disease. Pocket elimination surgery requires surgery to be performed to reduce pocket size between gums and teeth that have been affected by the disease. Dental implants require prosthetic teeth to be restored into the jawbone. Patients who have questions about the causes or treatments of periodontal disease can speak with a dentist from American Dental Care in Doylestown for further information.

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The team at American Dental Care in Doylestown takes great pride in offering patients in the Bucks County, PA, area the highest quality of dental healthcare. They are dedicated to providing a solution to every treatment or procedure that needs to be resolved. American Dental Care in Doylestown understands that some of their patients fear their routine checkup, which is why they offer alternatives such as sedation dentistry to allow patients to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

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