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American Dental Care in Harrisburg Now Offering Dental Implant Procedures to Patients


Harrisburg, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- Despite the amount of time individuals spend taking care of their teeth, instances arise where teeth become infected and dislodged, affecting the beautiful smile an individual strives for. Whether there are a few teeth in an arch that have become dislodged, or just one tooth that has fallen out, an implant is a procedure that provides a fixed solution and stability in the mouth. This summer, American Dental Care in Harrisburg is announcing their services for dental implant procedures to patients.

This process is an effective way to replace a missing tooth without affecting the teeth adjacent. The proper installation of a dental implant in Harrisburg will last many years with their durability. Its root is titanium, which are surgically placed into the jaw bone, and the artificial tooth attached to the root is designed to appear and blend seamlessly into surrounding teeth so as not to stand out. Patients will see their facial tissues enhanced, their speech restored back to normal, and more comfort while chewing. Dental implants take a few months to be installed, as the roots and teeth must be fabricated after an initial x-ray. This way, the dentists know the space that is available for an implant.

To be sure the appliance provides optimal comfort to each patient, multiple fittings will be made for stability and relief. When a tooth falls out unexpectedly, American Dental Care will be available with an emergency dentist in Harrisburg to ensure the mouth does not get infected. The strength of implants are optimized with good oral hygiene. To hear more about their services, please contact the company today.

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