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American Dental Care in Harrisburg Now Offering Fixed Bridge Procedures This March


Harrisburg, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- When losing a tooth as an adult, it is frustrating, annoying, and lessens an individual’s confidence to smile. Whether from an accident, fight, or natural wear, they become self-conscious as a gap or missing tooth can cause unneeded embarrassment. When looking for an alternative to implants or dentures in Harrisburg, American Dental Care in Harrisburg is pleased to announce they are now offering fixed bridge procedures to their valued patients this March.

Fixed bridges require a procedure in which the dentist implements an irremovable (fixed) appliance into the mouth in an effort to eliminate the gap from missing teeth. This is an extremely effective way of making sure the existing teeth don’t shift or drift inside the mouth. After thorough examination and consultation with the patient, there are various types of bridges that the dentist near Mechanicsburg will provide.

Once the dentist has decided on the type of bridge—traditional, with the use of crowns and artificial teeth, is the most common—patients will be required to make multiple appointments for an accurate and satisfying procedure. The teeth will be numbed, and molds will be taken of the space so the professionals can create a comfortable bridge. While the permanent bridge is being made, patients will be required to wear a temporary solution for a few weeks. After the fixed bridge is created, the dentist will make any adjustments at the second visit, cementing the bridge into the mouth.

This procedure is highly effective, and patients will receive the confidence to put their teeth on display every chance they get. These permanent fixtures last for years with the proper upkeep. Don’t give in to the annoyance of a missing tooth, receive a fixture to restore that beautiful smile and provide an extra layer of confidence in all aspects of life. To hear more about their services, or to make an appointment with the professionals at American Dental Care in Harrisburg, please call 717-526-2011 or visit their website today.

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