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American Dental Care in Hershey Now Offering Composite Fillings This March


Hershey, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- One of the first things a new acquaintance or colleague notices about an individual is their smile. Individuals devote hours focusing on their smile and the look of their teeth. Despite all the upkeep, there comes a time when a tooth starts to wear and become damaged. In these instances, there are various dental procedures that will effectively restore the attraction of the smile and overall look of the teeth. This March, American Dental Care in Hershey is pleased to announce they will now be offering composite fillings to their valued patients.

A composite filling performed by an experienced dentist in Elizabethtown is proven to be durable and comfortable for years. Whether an individual has experienced a chipped tooth or a cracked tooth, this procedure will repair the tooth and fill the damaged or cracked area with a tooth colored filling. Additionally, when suffering from a decaying or worn tooth, or simply trying to close the gap between two teeth, composite fillings are aesthetically pleasing when implemented into the mouth.

These procedures are typically completed in a single appointment. After the dentist near Palmyra numbs the tooth, any decay or wear on the tooth will be removed, and the space will be cleaned thoroughly to prepare for the filling. Once the space for the filling has been made, an experienced dental professional will shape and size the filling, polishing it for comfort, and restoring the look of the tooth. For individuals who have lost a sense of confidence due to decaying or cracked teeth in visible areas of the mouth, a composite filling procedure will help to gain that confidence back and allow patients to show off their smile once again.

The teeth must be properly cared for after treatment, and follow up appointments may be necessary for the patient to receive the most longevity and durability for their fillings. To hear more about the benefits of composite fillings for repairing worn or chipped teeth, or to make an appointment with American Dental Care in Hershey, please call 717-534-1135 today.

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