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American Dental Care in Hershey Now Offering Invisalign to Patients This Spring


Hershey, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- Individuals go to great lengths to ensure their teeth and smiles are perfect. No matter how often a person spends brushing and flossing their teeth, they naturally begin to shift, becoming misaligned. Children often utilize braces to straighten their teeth, but children and adults alike can utilize an effective alternative without the annoyance of wires. To provide their patients with straight teeth—braces free—American Dental Care in Hershey is pleased to announce they are now offering Invisalign to their patients this spring season.

While food particles and other substances often get stuck in the metal and wires involved in braces, receiving Invisalign in Hershey provides individuals the opportunity to remove the trays when eating and brushing the teeth. When visiting the dentist, patients will receive molds and impressions of their teeth so accurate trays can be created. Individuals will receive several aligner trays that fit their smile. Each patient is unique, and some require more trays than others, dependent on how severe their teeth misalignment is.

With Invisalign, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances won’t notice individuals are wearing the dental appliance. There are many benefits to utilizing Invisalign, including no dietary restrictions, no metal, and an enhanced smile. Patients can choose how often they wish to wear the appliance, whether overnight for a few weeks, or in half-hour installments. Typically, trays are worn for a couple of weeks before a new tray is implemented into the mouth. Care instructions will be provided from the dentist to ensure optimal results.

Other services offered by American Dental Care in Hershey include cosmetic services like teeth whitening and composite fillings, as well as restorations that include root canals, dentures, and procedures for a dental implant in Hershey. The reliable dentists are available for any emergency and work diligently to provide the best dental services for their patients. To schedule an appointment, or consult with a dentist, contact the company today.

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