American Fastener Journal Talks Fishbowl Inventory and QuickBooks

American Fastener Journal Talks Fishbowl Inventory and QuickBooks


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Recently the American Fastener Journal reported how The Bolt Company of New Mexico is using Fishbowl Inventory. Although The Bolt Company of New Mexico is a relatively young company it has roots that go back three generations. JC Barnhill started his bolt company the year of 1959 in Albuquerque, NM. With a family raised in the fastener world, it is not surprising that the third generation has carried on the family tradition. John Barnhill opened "The Bolt Company of New Mexico" in 2009 to carry on the highest standard of a bolt company. John is joined by experienced co-workers in the fastener and business world.

The readership of the American Fastener Journal and its electronic magazines, the Aerospace Fastener eZine and U.S. Fastener Report, is quite diverse. American Fastener Journal publications reach across all levels of personnel in the fastener industry. Readers include owners, presidents, middle- and upper-management, support staff and warehouse employees.

With a strong emphasis on technical articles about fasteners, fastening applications, purchasing, and sales and marketing, there is a significant focus on the educational and informative articles as the backbone of the publication for more than 30 years.

John reported on Software Advice that, “Dollar for dollar, Fishbowl Inventory is the best purchase you can make when deciding on an inventory program. We purchased this in 2009, and it has been the most effective and bulletproof program we run. Fishbowl works seamlessly with QuickBooks Pro, and has never created an issue for us. We needed the ability to track lot numbers and also manufacture some parts. We have been able to do this without issues and continue to grow our business. We have gone from 1,200 parts to over 5,000 without experiencing any issues.”

John also reported that the support has been excellent, and when the company asked for a change on a report or form, Fishbowl Inventory responded quickly. He noted that Fishbowl Inventory is an easy program for new employees to learn.

Fishbowl Inventory ( is the most requested inventory management solution for seamless integration with QuickBooks, and is a popular standalone solution for organizations or enterprises looking to track assets. For users of QuickBooks it provides the same advanced features, flexibility, and mobile management control larger organizations require.

QuickBooks owns an estimated seventy-eight (78%) percent of the accounting software market. Analysts estimate there are more than 7.1 million copies of QuickBooks in use. By conservative estimates, more than forty (40%) percent of these organizations directly need or could strongly benefit from inventory control.

Fishbowl Inventory has been the most frequently requested inventory solution for QuickBooks users for more than a decade. As small-to-medium companies grow and face increasing competition, the flexible cost-effective combination of QuickBooks and Fishbowl grows alongside SMBs regardless of the industry sector. These smaller firms need the same kind of inventory management large organizations enjoy at a more affordable price.

Fishbowl offers custom reports, custom shopping cart integrations, custom data integration, and database-related application linking and eliminates data entry errors. With simple features of barcode scanning, companies easily receive inventory into systems or records as it comes off the carrier vehicle, make adjustments to quantities being received, and easily enter tracking information in real time. Fishbowl software significantly increases accuracy and worker productivity.

Mary Michelle Scott, President