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American Health Care Academy Offers Online First Aid and CPR Certification Training


Irving, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2018 -- American Health Care Academy stands as a nationally approved health training institution driven by the overall mission of promoting, preserving, and improving the health of individuals and communities. The institution is renowned for their online training programs with their focus being on first aid, AED, and CPR certification courses. To stay at the forefront of the demanding health industry, American Health Care Academy continuously monitors their course curriculum and makes professional updates to keep up with approved standards.

Talking about what they seek to equip each learner with, the Program Director said, "Emergencies are unpredictable and occur at the least expected moment when any skilled help can make a lot of difference. This has driven up the demand for each one to take up a social responsibility by having a set of skills to handle varied situations. We are promoters of acts of good Samaritans and socially conscious individuals who can quickly interpret a situation and act. At the end of each course unit that we provide, we expect you will be a qualified and responsible individual with the required expertise to offer immediate assistance."

The search for the best online first aid course comes to a stop at American Health Care Academy where world-class training is guaranteed. The institution offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of problems from minor cuts to serious emergencies. Among the topics covered are injury prevention & risk management, deciding to act, allergic emergencies, poison response, and breathing emergency among other units. American Health Care Academy for a complete grasp of the curriculum covers the training through demos, visuals, and examples that have been simplified for each learner.

Speaking on the importance of having a CPR and first aid certificate, the Chief Instructor said, "Research has proven that each year in America more than 480,000 adults die as a result of a heart attack and related medical complications. However, with immediate assistance medical practitioners have the confidence that this number could significantly be reduced. A CPR certificate proves you are qualified to offer assistance to any victim helping them to stabilize before medical practitioners arrive on the scene. The life-saving skills we teach are practical and have been proven to have the highest efficiency on conditions ranging from heart attacks and cardiac arrest to choking and stroke."

American Health Care Academy remains unrivaled as the provider of the best CPR classes in the United States. The latest addition to their already superior programs was the launch of a mobile phone application that offers the flexibility of taking the course directly from it. American Health Care Academy has further taken an extra step to include a blended program for hands-on skills assessment that can be completed either virtually or physically with the assistance of their partner instructors.

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American Health Care Academy is a health training solution provider offering their clients across the USA with five-star rated online training programs on accredited first aid, CPR, and AED certifications.

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