Joe Bragg Releases New Trade Show Display


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2012 -- Branding has never been more important than in today’s market, and making sure your brand is associated with your product is the only way to ensure your customers come back and your business grows. Being recognised as a household name is a long journey, but in specialist fields like trade shows and conventions, proper branding can help companies stand out and be associated with an industry by the experts who matter, and can disseminate their knowledge to others in the mainstream.

Displays at trade shows have long been the best way for businesses to stand out and be identified. American Image Displays designs and sells almost every style and type of tradeshow display, from small portable "pop-ups" and banner stands to large custom displays and islands.

American Image Displays have recently released a new and innovative customisable display. The Xpressions Snap sheer skin pop up trade show displays promise to be some of the most bold and expressive displays available.

The new product uses sheer fabric with printed graphics over a flexible endoskeletal framework. The framework can create depth and variety hitherto unseen in trade-show displays. The printed fabric skins can be swapped and integrated onto the framework in different ways with a simple button based fastening system. The displays can be used to make the central brand pop against a broader background fresco, or show a wide variety of different, salient imagery designed to promote the products on offer.

American Image Displays offer a range of different kits: The Xpressions Snap Sheer Skin 4x3 Kit A is a wall-style display that is amongst the most malleable in its different usage options and shows how the product can be used to form the main graphical element of a trade show booth.

A spokesman for American Image Displays was eager to emphasise the advantages, “Take the most unique fabric pop-up system, combine it with sheer graphics and the result is an ultra-chic pop-up that makes your brand and or message pop with all the convenience that makes Xpressions SNAP so versatile.”

The site also carries a number of accessories that can further enhance the adaptable displays, as well as a range of other innovative signage designs and trade show graphic display options.

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