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American Indian Author, Oranna B. Felter, Exposes Native American 'Skinwalkers' in Compelling Series of Books.

Fusing real-world events with powerful fiction, Felter’s intricate and engrossing stories tell the many tales of Skinwalkers; shape-shifters that have captivated Native American Indian culture for thousands of years.


Roosevent, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- While many know the term ‘Skinwalkers’, few understand both their meaning and significance. Having shaped Native American Indian culture for generations, the powerful abilities of these witches are being told to the general public in an engaging new light, thanks to a series of books by Oranna B. Felter (writing under the name RanDee RedWilliow).

Herself an American Indian, each of Felter’s stories centers around Skinwalkers; witches who can change shape at will to become anything they wish, often an animal. Responsible for many evil and often fatal acts, the mysterious stories of these creates are now available to anyone around the world.

Blending fact and fiction, each of Felter’s three books boasts an adventure of wisdom, understanding and devilishly-gripping consequences.


BOOK 1- HIGH UINTA MOON: Life will never be the same, when Kai Moon comes home to the reservation after her police training. She re-enters a world of close family bonds, devoted friendships, and frightening mayhem. Now everyone is countingon Kai to hunt down the skinwalkers-shapeshifters who appear sometime in human form, sometimes as bloodthirsty and terrifying beasts. Kai Moon and her Fiance Takoda Oldhors and thier team of Warriors must capture the walkers before they destroy her people.

BOOK 2 - SKINWALKERS MOON: When Kai and Takoda Old Horse leave Utah to attend Federal Law school in N.M. they quickly find out that they are not alone. Kasa and his pack of Skin Walkers are roaming, killing and taking hostages, which will lead Kai and Takoda and their team of Federal Officers to Mesa Verde, Co. then back to Utah. They soon wonder who is the Hunter and who is the Hunted?

BOOK 3 - WINDWALKERS MOON: Kai and takoda think they have Kasa the bad skinwalker detained, when they find out he is calling more skinwalkers to the Uinta and Ouray Reservation in Eastern Utah, and has called in a skinwalker from the State of Washington to help him, Who is a big black skinwalker over six teet tall, with piercing green eyes and goes by the name of Coy. Coy immediately starts calling Skinwalkers in from all over, Kai and Takoda once again have to travel her reservation to try and protect her people, along with her Granpa Moon who is a very powerful Spiritual Leader.

With a fourth book in the works, the author hopes to shed light on an often confused aspect of global culture.

“Most people haven’t found the time to learn about Skinwalkers, yet most Native American Indian culture includes the many tales of these mysterious creatures,” says Felter, whose first-hand knowledge of the creatures recently earned her an appearance on the hit television show ‘Haunted Highway’, where she was interviewed by Jack Osbourne.

She continues, “To most Native American Indians, the tales of skinwalkers are not mere legend. We know skinwalkers are real and they exist today as they did years back. They are evil, and do terrible things. They can cause death, they make people sick, they rob graves and they travel in supernatural ways to avoid capture.”

While she doesn’t claim to be an expert on skinwalkers or their activities, the knowledge Felter possesses has been handed down to her from many generations of family and Native Elders. Due to this vast and diverse information, her books are garnering a consistent string of rave reviews.

“RandDee RedWillow writes in a crisp, spare style. She tells not just an adventure story, but also provides us with a sense of life on the reservation. We learn about some spiritual beliefs and customs along the way. This is a rich culture that most Americans know very little about,” says Rod Mitchell, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

With so much success on her hands, the author has firm plans for the future.

“Book four is currently in the works, which will complete the series. When this is published I’ll be moving on to my autobiography. From there, the sky really is the limit,” Felter concludes.

With demand for her books expected to be high, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible. Each title is currently available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/14pbq1r as well as CreateSpace, Barnes & Noble and directly from the other.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.randeeredwillow.com

Her latest news can also be found on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/randeeredwillow

About Oranna Bumgarner Moosman Felter
As a child, Oranna Bumgarner Moosman Felter was brought up in the beliefs, traditions and customs of the Uinta Band of Ute Indians of Utah, and she is listed on the Uinta Band rolls.

She grew up on the reservation in Ft. Duchesne and attended local schools. She spent her childhood not only in Ft. Duchesne, Utah, but also in the hills, valleys of the majestic Uinta Mountains where her grandfather Oran Curry was a Ute Indian Tribal Game Warden and a Ute Indian Forest ranger for many years. Both Oranna s Grandparents have served on the Ute Indian Tribal Committee. Her Grandmother Della Harris Curry was the first woman to sit on the Ute Indian Business Committee.

With the passage of the Ute Partition Act in 1954 Oranna's life she loved as a child was suddenly turned upside down. Her and her peoples way of life was taken from them and destroyed as they became “Terminated American Indians” which they remain 58 years later. She has had to endure the tragedies that followed.

Because of this Oranna has fought in courts and won a major fishing and hunting case in 1985 that gave her people the right to fish and hunt on the Ute Indian Reservation. She has been involved in many civil rights cases and continues today to fight for justice for her and her terminated people. (Her biography will tell the complete story of this injustice to the American Indian which she will be working on and releasing later this year or the first of next year)

Because of the guidance and love she received as a child the core values and beliefs in the Great Creator, the customs and traditions of her people have never left her. It is these values and beliefs that have made her who she is today.

The beating of the Sacred Drum still beats loudly in her heart and the spirits of her ancestors surround her with their love and keep her strong. With this strength she has become a Warrior mounted on a mighty war pony. That war pony now carries this great woman warrior who the spirits call “RanDeeRedWillow.”

RanDeeRedWillow lives in Roosevelt, Utah with her husband and two daughters. Her stories are based on some of her real life experiences and tales told by Elders (older American Indians), which she blends with loose fiction. RanDee prefers her books to be identified as fiction to protect her and her family.