American Muslims Revile Anti-Islamic Film: Clear Attack on Muslim-Christian Unity

"Allah will show Mercy to those who show mercy to the people.”


Hancock, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- The International Quranic Open University, Muslims of the Americas, and the United Muslim-Christian Forum vehemently abhor, condemn and demand removal of the movie “Innocence of Muslims”, as it contains hideous lies and inflammatory statements that viciously malign the most auspicious and noble character of the Holy Last Messenger of God, Muhammad (peace be upon him). We recognize, and now beseech all God-fearing and peace loving world citizens to distinguish the true enemy behind this provocative and incendiary film, which was created and flagrantly posted on YouTube to fan the flames of hatred, racism, religious bigotry and violence in order to spark a clash of civilizations between Muslims and Christians.

Sam Bacile, originally identified as the creator of this vile and perverse movie, is now known to be an alias for Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a ‘so-called’ Coptic Christian militant with a criminal felony background and ties to several anti-Islamic media terror groups and personalities who are allowed to spit their venom without restriction under the guise of free speech. Federal officials have now questioned Nakoula who, in support of his film, already stated his view that, “Islam is a cancer”. Clearly, this small-time former gas station operator did not coordinate and finance this scheme alone. Who are the friends, allies and supporters of Nakoula and who, in turn, are their friends, allies and supporters?

Terry Jones who last year incited his own wave of violence around the world after hatefully burning pages of Holy Quran, recently publicized his support of the film and intent to promote it after being in touch with Nakoula. Another ally of Terry Jones, Morris Sadik an Egyptian, anti-Islam activist also claiming to be a Coptic Christian, is reportedly responsible for using his connections to air the movie trailer on Egyptian television, which launched the region into an uproar and riots after viewing the vulgarity. And who are the friends and allies of Sadik? One such person is Joseph Nasrallah, producer of the film, and Steve Klein, the film’s script consultant, both of whom were called upon by the likes of Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch in his own malicious plot against all that is Islam. And, who are the supporters of Robert Spencer? None other than the murderous Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, who massacred seventy-one people in cold blood after immersing himself in literature inspired by the aforementioned Spencer, creating a haze of Islamophobia who’s only purpose is to hasten a clash between Muslims and Christians.

Today, we exclaim that these enemies of peace will not be successful in driving a wedge between Islam and Christianity because we are two aspects of the same reality bonded by belief in the One Almighty God, who is the Creator of everyone and everything. As American Muslims, we have a very close understanding with our Christian brothers and sisters. For Muslims, Jesus son of Mary (peace be upon him) is the second to last messenger of Islam; therefore, we are the only ones who follow Jesus Son of Mary’s teachings, along with the teachings of the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him). As citizens with deep insight about such conspiracies, we view this wicked film as a conspiracy to bring about a clash between Muslims and Christians, for which its schemers will never find success.

We, the Muslims of the Americas, know that America belongs to all. It is inhabited by multi-ethnic groups and communities and each has their religions and beliefs, which the Constitution protects and grants full religious freedom and basic fundamental rights. Yet, we are shocked to see that the law is not being enforced to protect the religious beliefs, freedom and honor of Muslims here in the United States of America as no agency has yet required YouTube to abide by its own Community Guidelines which clearly state “...we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on....religion..)”, a responsible policy, if enforced, which will prevent the media terrorism we see happening right now as this film is allowed to run undisturbed while offending billions of people around the world- of all faiths. As stated by a citizen appalled at the showing of this film, “this is not free speech when you lie, provoke violence, cause panic, incite riot, and endanger others’ lives. This is barbarous treason we are talking here.”

Perhaps the ignorant creators, producers and supporters of this filthy film and others like it, should notice that we have formed the United Muslim Christian Forum (UMCF), to recognize similarities between Muslims and Christians, diminish differences and seek a new solid foundation of joint respect based on the unchallenged commandments of God and love for all the blessed Messengers of God (peace upon them all). It is in the exercising of this mutual cooperation and the following of our motto, “Mankind is the Family of God”, that these two great faiths will continue to live together in peace as they have for generations in spite of the efforts of those that bring forth slander and propaganda by producing reckless books and films; for we say they will fail miserably and with every step continue to expose the real enemies within America. Therefore we demand immediate action by the appropriate government agencies to stop this film and bring its perpetrators to justice for this malicious hate speech.

Hasib Abdul-Haqq
Director, Public Relations