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American Pure Vapor Announces Five Pawns Partnership


Cape Coral, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2014 -- As the e-cigarette, or e-cig, movement continues to gain traction throughout the world, more and more producers are entering the market. Some play on the naivety of a customer base uneducated about the products and those companies offer subpar vapor liquids that turn customers off to e-cigs completely. Other companies, like Five Pawns, have made a commitment to bring customers vapor liquids that taste great and enable users to transition away from cigarettes. Americanpurevapor is pleased to announce their partnership as Five Pawns’ exclusive authorized dealer.

The Five Pawns product line is broken down into two categories. The first, Five Pawns Mixology, uses subtle flavors to create a refreshing blend unlike anything else on the market. Perpetual Check, one of the flagships of the brand, uses black currant liquer, cinnamon, sweet figs and other flavors to create a sweet, yet tart vapor liquid. For a more robust flavor, customers will want to try Castle Long, a blend of bourbon with almonds, vanilla and coconut.

The second category of Five Pawns products is the Five Pawns Signature line. Developed over many years, these blends are a masterpiece of vapor liquid innovation. The Bowden’s Mate has a seductive taste that reminds users of after-dinner mints, while the Queenside is an expertly balanced blend of vanilla and blood orange citrus flavors.

At each of the 30ml bottles costs $27.50, with nicotine strengths ranging from 6 mg to 24 mg. Customers who order two bottles at a time will qualify for Americanpurevapor’s free domestic shipping, making the total cost of purchase that much cheaper.

About Americanpurevapor
Americanpurevapor is a growing online vapor liquid marketplace, and by offering high end brands like Five Pawns, the company is sure to become a favorite with e-cig users. With their own proprietary flavors, as well as liquid vapor mainstays, there is something for every e-cig user at Americanpurevapor.