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American Radon Extends Services to Fort Collins, Offers Free Testing and Lab Work

Move will provide personal, attentive radon testing and mitigation options to more residents of Colorado, American Radon reports


Littleton, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2015 -- American Radon, LLC, one of the state's top radon mitigation specialists, is now serving the Fort Collins area. For all mitigation work performed in Oct. and Nov., the company will offer free radon testing and lab work, a valuable offer that will cut clients' costs significantly. In addition, American Radon offers free fan upgrades in many cases, ensuring that customers receive the right fan for their particular situations instead of being subject to up-selling.

"We're excited to announce that we have expanded our service area to include Fort Collins and surrounding areas," American Radon co-founder Tricia Cardos said, "Throughout October and November we will be offering free testing and lab work with all radon mitigation in fort collins. This is therefore an especially opportune time to take advantage of the personalized, diligent service that we have become known for."

Arising through a natural process by which the abundant radioactive substances thorium and uranium eventually decay into lead, radon poses real health risks to people who are exposed to it. The Environmental Protection Agency, for example, estimates that the odorless gas is responsible for over 20,000 deaths by lung cancer in the United States every year, making it the second leading cause of the disease after cigarette smoking.

Because of these dangers, both federal and state-level authorities have sought to help make residents aware of the presence of radon and to lessen the harm it does. The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment maintains an extensive list of best practices, even providing direct financial assistance with mitigation for low-income families. Home sellers, in fact, are required to report the known presence of radon on the state's official Seller's Property Disclosure Form.

Even with all of the dangers that radon can potentially present, it can be effectively dealt with. Radon mitigation systems typically involve the use of gas-trapping piping, sheets, and seals, often along with fans that help move the heavy gas elsewhere.

American Radon is one of the state's top sources of assistance for those investigating the presence of radon or looking for ways to mitigate its dangers. Founded, owned, and run by a couple with more than a decade of experience in the industry, the company provides personalized, caring service that often stands in stark contrast to the work done by national-scale competitors.

In expanding the company's service area to include Fort Collins, American Radon will thereby give even more residents of the state access to top-quality radon detection and mitigation services, including follow-up work. Throughout Oct. and Nov., Fort Collins customers will enjoy free radon testing and lab work, making American Radon's already-affordable services even more so.

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