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American Retail Supply Offers Stylish Jewelry Display Cases and Custom Printed Bags for Sale


Kent, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2020 -- American Retail Supply is a company operating an online platform that enables users to purchase store products and accessories. They are also known as a one-stop solution for any retail store supplies that are required to make operations smooth and hassle-free. Through their e-commerce platform, customers are sure to have a pleasant experience when they buy from American Retail Supply. Offering a wide range of retail products such as Jewelry display cases, custom printed bags, and much more.

Speaking on the benefits of Jewelry display cases in a retail store, the company spokesperson said, "There are several jewelry display cases online that a client can buy to add depth in their store. Here are benefits of a display case to a retail store especially, a jewelry store. It protects the jewelry as it prevents shoplifting and also protects the jewelry from damage. It also keeps the dust away from jewelry. It enables a client to showcase their best collection uniquely. It also saves on storage space as one can display most of his or her pieces in these cases. It draws more customer attention, thus inducing more sales."

Clients can order custom printed bags from American Retail Supply. They offer a wide range of custom printed bags. One popular choice is the paper shopping bag with the twisted handle.. It comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and it is also available in pre-printed designs. This is to enable clients to meet their aesthetic needs. Among these designs they also offer Gem sized bags that are perfect for clients dealing with fashion jewelry, trinkets, candy stores and other small products.

The Gem shopping bag is the smallest size custom paper bags that American Retail Supply offers but there are many more sizes to choose from.

Speaking on the benefits of custom packaging to a retail store, the company spokesperson said, "Packaging boxes with customized brand design can help one build his or her brand recognition. Here are the benefits of custom packaging. By using a unique design of personalized packaging, it becomes easy for one to promote his or her brand. It saves time. It ensures product safety if the packaging is made according to the correct size and shape, and many more."

Are you looking for price gun labels online? American Retail Supply is here to help. While offering four different brands of price guns to choose from. Which include Avery, Dennison, Meto & Garvey, and Monarch. They are built to be long-lasting and durable. All the price guns requires labels and inkers. They all accept different colored labels depending on the brand and line number. For example a Monarch price gun can not use Avery labels.

About American Retail Supply
American Retail Supply is an online wholesale store that guarantees an extensive array of products to retailers. Clients can also get jewelry display cases from online or from one of their local will call pick ups.. The item is fitted with glass front display and sliding white doors.. Its base fixture can be ordered with an optional locking storage compartment. Clients can contact the company for any inquiries about the item.